Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Knitting skills - Skill +1 up


Looking back over the last year of knitting and suddenly I felt like I had hardly knit anything. There were a lot of dishcloths, but those were gift items. Then I really looked and realized that I was taking on colorwork as something not to be afraid of doing -

I'm also finally growing beyond small projects of hats, gloves, socks and dishcloths. Of course the start of the growth were small steps in baby sweaters, but I've also finally knit one for myself!

 Necessity came in here and I used leftover yarns that were machine washable and Leeloo had her first hoody.
We found out that one of the cousins was pregnant so I made my first Baby Surprise Jacket, but I was worried that it would clash with her red hair, so saved it and gave it to a friend of William's that was also pregnant.
So instead I tried out the Baby Sweater on Two Needles and gave it to baby, a little bit for her at the time, but I think she'll get use out of it. Since its the smaller version of the adult sweater known as February Lady, I felt more than comfortable getting started on my own. Knitting growth! Of course the picture does nothing for my figure, I'm really not apple shaped. ;-)
Leeloo's sweater is the latest sweater, it includes intarsia. I was able to finally get a good picture and an idea of how it was fitting and found out that I'll have to rip out the ribbing and do a bit more decreases and a couple inches of length before doing the ribbing again. It's in timeout on my table for next month or early May. No camping until Memorial Day weekend, when she'll need it then.
We met Nicole and Skuppas this month. Skuppas is a 3.5 pound Yorkie and while its big on her, Leeloo's hoody fit her better, so we gave it to them. So I know where other 'small' fitting sweaters can go in the future. LOL

Looking back over the last year and the knitting that was done, only four items stayed with me. All others were either shop samples or gifts. This year, I'm trying to achieve a balance of knitting for me and others.  Its only fair - right?


  1. Yes, we should enjoy the fruit of our labor, too! What do you want to make next, for you?

  2. I think you do a great balancing act knitting for both. Love the puppy hoodie.