Monday, February 28, 2011

February Sweater, Snow and Other Projects

I got it done! In February! My Raspberry February Sweater with Hoody:
 Snow on the ground and it was snowing while these pics were being done. (I hate having my picture taken, and I forgot make-up again.)
 The hood!
 Pretty Thing Cowl
 Trying to take a pic of myself and not look like I have triple chins or something. It's not for me, its going to be a gift.
Hats for Alyssa and Jenna. 12 month and 4+ sizes since they're planned for Christmas giving. The buttons came from their Great-Grandma Juanita's button stash I inherited.  The pattern is Poppy. Knit flat using short rows. Fast knits - I knit both of these on Sunday and just had to sew on the buttons this morning.

The weather people have fun trying to predict when snow will appear and often conditions change and the predicted snow never shows. Or just a trace, or a whole heck of a lot. Of course some of it depends where in the metro area you live in - close to the Coast range, downtown, or east towards the Gorge.  We got about two inches overnight, by 10am because of the sun a good portion melted. Then we got a tracing of snow before we dropped down to 21 degrees. And you just thought Oregon was all about the rain?

Leeloo was cute trying to catch snow flakes as they were falling. Norbert taught her that snow is fun to romp in:

Even today while it was pouring down rain and causing the creeks to go back to above flood stage, mixed in the rain was 'slush'. It was 36-38 degrees at our level but a couple hundred feet up, it was snowing and changing over to rain as it warmed up.

I think I'm ready for March projects. I had to change up my planned sock - Toirneach Kilt Hose for Brandon because I don't want to knit them on dpns and I don't have the US4s in circs yet. The second annual Portland Yarn Crawl is next weekend and I can hopefully get some from one of the stores on discount. So I can wait a week to get started, if I get the needles, or start another pair of socks. I have the yarn and pattern ready for the shawl. Figured out that I have enough leftover Love It! that I can make a shrug for Kaisha. I'd already planned one for Bailey, so you'll see it twice. ;-)  Doing these four groups certainly is keeping me busy, but I'm being very productive with the projects. Hopefully I can keep it up! LOL


  1. Your February raspberry looks great! How did you know how long/tall/deep to make the hood? I discovered when I put my Heather Hoodie hood up in the snow, it was really tall and deep...I was lost inside!

    Not going to take it apart, though...too much ribbing. And I doubt I'll wear the hood much, either. It messes up my hair!

  2. All these finished projects! You go! I've never seen a FLS with a hood - cute!