Sunday, July 25, 2010

Leeloo does Earthdog and Fair Entrees (pic heavy)

Saturday we made the drive to Canby so that Leeloo could have an Earthdog experience like Norbert did shortly after her arrival. Leeloo wasn't as excited as they like the dogs to be when they see rats. She did though at the end finally check one out:
Sniffing noses with each other.

This was the introductory station. Meet the rat, do a simple 'L' course. They also had a couple of boxes to try it out above ground.
Leeloo sucking up to the instructor of the intro area. I had to ask the little girl sitting just outside the course to find some place else to hang since she was a distraction for Leeloo.

This was the 'Senior' course that after going through the simple course she played in. We had her entering in the beginning, middle and ends of the course.

Last year I had fun entering things in the county fair, so its that time of the year again. Entered in four photos that we took this last year, some may be familiar:

I entered three items under the 'knitting' category - Sunflower Tam, Bobbie Blue Falling Water Scarf. and the Burnside Winter Twilight Mitts. The Lillia Hyrna Shawl is in the photo, but is under a different category:
The shawl is in the 'spinning' category. Its knit with handspun, and since there wasn't a class for shawls its in the 'other' listing. Did 'other' for the coopworth yarn too. Put the yak-merino in the 2-ply and the Mt. Doom in the commercial dye lists:
One of the Goodwill sweaters I picked up recently to try to unravel was just a tiny bit felted. I had thought about making it into a bag, but looking at the different categories, cam up with the idea of making a rabbit. Well I meant to do two rabbits but the first one was a learning experience. I drew the pattern on the sweater, then sewed up the different parts, keeping an opening for stuffing. I was trying for a smaller than 10 inches and one larger. Ended up using the head and ears for the smaller on the larger. Here's a pic of the rabbit with big head and ears and before felting more in the washer:
I also felted the sweater underneath the rabbit. I'm going to make a bag out of it. It may be entered next year in the recycled category. ;-) I used the sweater I had made out of the yarn samples from Knit-Purl. The sweater didn't cover the legs, so had to come up with a way to cover those up a bit, so again using the sweater, sewed up a skirt for her. Here she is:

I finally put tabs on the quilt that I entered last year. I had originally intended it as a wall hanging for during the summer but didn't have time then to do the 'hanging' portion so entered it in the 'miniature' category. This year with the added tabs, I re-entered it under 'wall hangings'. I really don't expect to win, but figured - why not?
I used leftovers from all the colors, except the light blue to make a tab. I then hand sewed the tabs to the quilt. I had also done the quilting by hand, so why its getting extra time. I don't do much hand sewing. The rabbit also had a bit of hand sewing. I was on a roll. ;-)

What did  you do this weekend?

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