Monday, June 28, 2010

Flowers, Mitts and Yarn in progress

Pretty flowers have been sharing their beauty in my yard, so I thought I'd share it with you!

Iris growing in our pond - total hydroponics!
Bearded Iris - one of a whole bunch that will be blooming this week.
Daylily, don't know the name. We got it last year at the Tualatin Valley Gardener's Spring Sale

Juanita's Daylillies with Burnside Winter Twilight Mitts. The day lillies may have another name, but they originally started in Brandon's grandmother's house. They took them to the retirement home when they moved. When Juanita had her stroke and went to live with Judy (B's mom), she had them in planters on her patio. Then she divided them up between herself and B and M. We've enjoy them each summer and with her passing we'll think of her.

As seen above, I finished the Burnside Winter Twilight Mitts for Abstract Fiber. Yarns are Burnside Bridge and Little Black Dress. I just need to get them to Susan so she can start using them in displays.

I mentioned that I was planning to cable ply the Coopworth. I put the bulky head on the Lendrum and finished 2-plying and then added on the previous part adding more twist. 

Then I used the ball winder so I could ply from both ends. Still using the bulky head, I ended up with this:

I have Leeloo's hair clipped so that she's looking more like a Yorkie. The boys think her face trim looks pretty good.Some of the hairs on her nose are still being difficult and dropping into her eyes, they need to grow a bit more.  I was able to catch her outside this morning holding still. 

Check her out playing with her Flying Squirrel ChuckIt! It's 9x9 inches according to their web site. I tried to measure her and got 7-3/4 inches tall. ;-)


  1. My! Leeloo is tiny but feisty! And those gloves--they can't have been easy but the results are stunning!

  2. Wow, you finished those mitts quickly! Very pretty, as are the flowers and Leeloo!

  3. Thank you Desi and Elizabeth!

    Desi - I've gotten fairly good at doing two handed knitting, and learned to do stranded stuff inside out to help keep the tension. Not perfect yet on the tension part, but you want these mitts to fit your hand not be baggy. ;-) The other helpful part was the use of some cool 3m highlighter tape to keep track of the rows on the chart. Highly recommend it for all chart reading for crafts. It would work great for cross stitch charts too.