Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Noble Woods Walk

Hillsboro has some really nice parks in the area and there has been one I've been meaning to visit for years, Noble Woods Park. Tonight seemed like the perfect time to visit. We've been enjoying mid-70s weather and it looked like a shady park. Turns out I was right, lots of shade, so on hotter days this would be the perfect park to walk. Both dogs seemed to enjoy it too, well less the graveled area but they trotted on.

We walked the outer edge of the park, paved, graveled and wood chips along the way.

Beginning of the walk, can you find Leeloo?

Leeloo liked leading the way, with check backs to be sure she was doing okay. Towards the end she was more alongside. 

Lovely shade
Cool tree, and a look out point
Fast dogs!
Got them to slow down to take a drink, kind of Leeloo was so distracted it was hard to get her to drink
This little guy almost fell on my head, until we startled him to go higher
This was an attempt to take another quick pic of the squirrel. Kind of cool.

This was a nice walk for both us and the dogs. Little bit of a hill at the beginning down and a bit on the way out (we didn't come out at the exact same point). Variety along the way with the different path surfaces. I guess if we had strictly stuck to the paved path it would have been a mile, I think its a bit longer the way we went.

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