Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fair results & other new things.....

The 'abstract' photo won third place:

From the knitted stuff:
The Bobbie Blue Falling Water Scarf (you can see the yellow Sunflower Tam above the 3rd place Adult Hat winner with the fugly fun fur.)
The Lillia Hyrna Shawl won in the knitted handspun other category. (You can see Rachel's Pearl Stole received second, and a peak of the blue shawl Carissa knitted took third.)

From the handspun yarns:
The yak-merino yarn in 2ply
The coopworth yarn in the 'other'
Mt Doom in the commerical dyed

Last category entered was under the miscellaneous and was my 'recycled' rabbit:

In Tour de Fleece I had entered, like everyone else in the Random Number group and was one of the people who won. I have this coming from My Heart's Exposed in the UK. I had hoped to see it today, but most likely Monday. She has some pretty rovings, check her out. ;-)

Craigslist had an 'antique replica spinning wheel' listed. I took the hour long drive to Estacada to check it out and came home with the wheel. It had been listed as $35 but she felt guilty about her dogs scratching up my car doors with their nails so took $5 off. As Shelia and I suspected, the wheel is a Great Wheel. Not standard size, but still pretty large. The rim of the wheel was cracked in a couple of spots when I looked at it and one spot was apparently a bit more than suspected because it broke through on the drive home. Brandon was going to try to glue it back together, but Shelia thinks it would be better to just make a new rim. It's been varnished, so that will also have to be removed. The quill is a bit longer than it should be, so a new one of those will be needed. Still over all a worthwhile purchase. It's a wheel that I'll be able to take to SCA events and be historically accurate for the period. Here's what it looks like now, you can also see my Lendrum for size comparison:
Can you see the break?

She went with me to look at another low price spinning wheel listed on Craigslist on Friday. I'm glad she came along because I might have taken a chance on the wheel. She pointed out that the flyer wasn't the right size for the wheel and even if there was a drive band it wouldn't have been a working wheel. Definitely a 'pure decoration' wheel. Not worth the $65 asking price. Thanks! Shelia for the help and for looking over the Great Wheel and giving it the thumbs up!
I finished the first pre-literate sock for Brandon this last week (the one started at West War earlier in the month). It fits him perfectly, and he's looking forward to the finished set. I'm well on my way towards getting the second sock done.  Knee highs are a bit more work than my normal socks:

I have to reorganize the den in the next few weeks so that I can move all my craft stuff out of the family room. Judy (B's mom) is selling her house and buying a condo. Brandon's piano that has been stored at her house needs to come here. The grand piano is an Iver's & Pond and Brandon thinks it was made in the 1930s. I haven't checked underneath for a model number to get a better idea. It's a flat black and not the shiny lacquer black I remember my mom's baby grand Steinway being. I knew she would be moving, I just had hoped to have a couple more years for W to get done with school and move out. Then I would move my crafts into his room. Life's more interesting than that, so into the den my stuff will go.  Upside, is that once we do move it and get it tuned (you always have to retune after a move), I'm sure B will be happy to be able to play more often. I enjoy when he plays, so something to look forward to.

What's new with you?


  1. Let the piano sit and acclimate for about 3-6 months before getting it tuned. When was the last tuning? I have a guy who does it with a digital tuner, really cool and precise.

  2. Thanks for the look at the fair!

    And yay to having a piano in the house. I don't play mine nearly enough, but it's so nice to have it when I want it.

  3. Wow! look at all those ribbons! Congrats! the great wheel is a find too, are you going to spin flax now?

  4. What Tammy said. Pianos don't like changes.

    What a fine calf your man has!