Monday, July 19, 2010

A walk in the park

Today was a comedy in errors. I had a 10am chiropractic appointment. I was working at the computer at 9am and the next thing I knew it was just after 10am. Oops! Called and apologized and rescheduled for noon, since I had a 1pm physical therapy appointment. I got a few minutes of spinning done before heading out.

I took a book to the chiro and finished it up while waiting for the pt appt. No sense in going home in between after all. I went in and checked in and then waited for fifteen minutes. Then I went up to check on what the wait was all about. That's when the guy checked again and said he couldn't find my appointment for today, because its on Tuesday! Ugh!

Back home and there was some more spinning, no pictures, but just look at the Lavender Mist from yesterday's post and you have an idea. I popped Leeloo into her harness, loaded up the water bottle, poop bag and camera to take with us. Tried walking her inside to the vet's office on leash but she didn't want to go inside. Two pokes - rabies and blood work. The rabies tag is almost as big as she is! ;-)  I asked to have her weighed and they reported that she weighed in at five pounds eight ounces. She was still wearing the harness and it weighs and ounce, so five pounds seven ounces.

Since it was too early to pick Brandon up from work, and I prepared. We went over to the Main Library to walk around Dawson Creek Park. It has a nice series of ponds that have attracted local ducks and Canadian geese.

Leeloo danced for a couple of little girls she spotted at the beginning of the walk about here. Then we got to the more grassy areas of the walk and she was able to really smell all the birds around. When we got even with the birds in the pic she stayed near the path but looked at them. No barking. I think she may have realized that they were bigger than her and more than willing to take a nip at her.

Looking towards the pond. There's that ear!

She had been looking towards the reeds, not sure if there are ducks in there or not. 

Looking out towards the ducks from the observation area. There was a little boy to the right of her that was spitting at the fish to get them to come to the surface. Not koi or gold fish. I think I've seen people fishing, but couldn't imagine eating anything from the ponds.

The ducks that Leeloo was looking at above.

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