Sunday, June 6, 2010

Some spinning and fiber

I borrowed Trtlgrl's Ashford Traveler to use last weekend at Grand Thing V. I mentioned that I did do some spinning while there. I'd started before leaving so had a bit on the bobbin, added to the bobbin and then last Monday finished off the two ounces of Coopworth I had been spinning. I still had two ounces so I started the second bobbin and while at spinning on Wednesday was able to finish up the second two ounces. Here's the finished bobbins:

The Coopworth is some stuff I had bought from Kathleen to help out the family when her husband was unemployed. It was a small purchase. I understand why it was being sold cheaply, not by Kathleen, but Louet. It was full of grass and hay to be picked out. I used it as an attempt at some long draw practice. For the most part it worked for me. I need to ply them still. Maybe something to do this next Wednesday.

Here's a couple pics of the cashmere I picked up at Grand Thing. Very soft stuff and I wish I knew who the vendor was so that I could look for them at either Black Sheep or Oregon Flock and Fiber. The lady that was in the booth said that the person who had the fiber would be at both.  I'm going to check the program to see if the vendors are listed and if that doesn't find the vendor, check with the Autocrat.

Shelia had brought a Border Leicester fleece to spinning the week before from Loyce's flock. Dana snatched it up. A steal - five pounds of heavily skirted fleece for $10. There were two more to be had so Rachel, Robyn and I said that we were interested. Rachel and I agreed we'd split one and leave the other for Robyn. I brought it home to split, but missed my opportunity to spread it out on the patio Saturday during our break in rain. I'll have to try for Monday if there's no rain for a few hours.  

I had to keep Leeloo from making off with locks, she liked the sheepy smell. ;-)
I plan to wash the fleece this week in between other projects. I think it might be fun to use with some natural dyes. Not sure if I'll try dyeing the locks or wait until after its been spun....

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