Friday, June 11, 2010

Goody Bags for WWKiP 2010

Tomorrow is once again our local World Wide Knit in Public day event. We are at the Hillsboro Farmer's Market this year. This is our third year and our third location. I think this will become our home location so long as things work out with the organizers of the market. We also will be back there again for World Wide Spin in Public in September.

Once again local knitters stepped up and volunteered to make project bags and stitch markers. Debby and Sara both returned with bags. Angela and Chandra stepped up to add in their bag styles. Rachel and Rachel both made stitch markers as did Dorothy. Trtlgrl made 40 and Rachel 20, with Dorothy's 10, I found myself 10 short of being able to give each bag 2 stitch markers. I put out a call and then remembered that I had the equipment to make some so came up with another 10.

Local indie dyers were contacted, but they seem to be busy getting ready for Black Sheep and a few headed off for TNNA. Thankfully, Valeska of Chic 2 Geek had contacted me long ago to volunteer some yarn samples so the bags have at least one yarn sample in them this year.

Here's the collage of bags, stitch markers and yarns:

Sharon at Stitchjones has donated two skeins of her hand dyed yarns as part of the door prizes:

The Knitting Bee will also be providing some door prizes for our lucky participants. They have been a sponsor of ours since we have been doing this event. Okay, if you've been reading here long enough, you know this is our third year. ;-)

The bags are all assembled and packed in carry bags to get them to the market. I have a knitting project ready to take with me (historically I get about 15 minutes of knitting done in the three hours). The tickets for the door prizes along with the draw container are along side the bags. I have a sling for Leeloo made (sewn last night and I made two!) and her water bottle ready to be filled. I'll need to stop for a bit of cash for snack/lunch. Need to get Brandon to pull out a chair in the morning. Sunscreen will need to be rounded up, I burned the first year and don't want to do that again!  Camera batteries are charging. I think I'm set!

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  1. Looks yummy. I'm coming, hopefully early. Need to get myself to bed now. Won't bring Lily with me, as Foco is coming and staying the day and Sat night with us. Kim is staying home with the two dogs. )