Monday, May 31, 2010

Leeloo does Grand Thing V

I just couldn't motivate myself to get to the sewing machine and create myself an outfit or two from the fabric I have on hand for Grand Thing V. After reading Eulalia's blog, I found some food inspiration for things to take with us though. I found Chyche's and tried it out. They came out pretty good, and Eulalia also gave them thumb's up. Since there was no specific recipe for these, I just made sure that I didn't use non-period root vegetables. Whole Foods helped out with the supplies of parsnips, turnips, and golden beets for the Roasted Root Vegetable Medley.  The Chyche's:

Rachel loaned me a snuggy for Leeloo's use and I used it all weekend. The rain started as we were leaving town, so things were pretty muddy. When we arrived, we spotted friendly faces in the Murphy's and Brandon obtained an invitation to join their space in camping. We setup tent and new canopy alongside and spent time with Michel and her son.
 One of the mud bogs Friday afternoon.

We found out that not only was it wet, muddy but also cold when tiny little Leeloo started shivering. All dog sweaters owned were for larger dogs. I had brought a tiny t-shirt picked up after the holidays that didn't fit Nessa or Norbert and only a little big for Leeloo, but that wasn't going to be enough. Brandon and Michelle made a Walmart run and they were able to find newborn onesies in girl colors, so she went through them over the weekend. They fit her perfectly:

With all the rain there was of course mud and I didn't have shoes that were going to hold up, thankfully one of the vendors was selling leather boots for $10 a pair. With Brandon's help, I was able to find a pair and after looking at the other vendors, went back to let Michelle know about the awesome boot deal. Vendors and if you look you can see the boots:
(Can you find Leeloo?)
I didn't see as much of the events going on as I would have liked. I think the chiropractic neck adjustment caused the migraine I had Friday and Saturday and into Sunday. It sucked big time. I had planned to go to a Nalbinding class but sent Brandon and Michelle off to the Mead making class:

So instead of sharing the Roasted Root Vegetable Medley at the Grand Feast, we ate with Michelle and Matt with her beef kebabs and gravy. I did have lots so was able to warm them and bring them along with the Chyche's to the pig roast that Svava had invited everyone to at Revels for Sunday evening. The pig:

Leeloo's nap schedule had been thrown off during the weekend and by Sunday afternoon she was a typical whiny toddler. I want down, I want to go for a walk, I want something - I don't know what, you figure it out. She'd just settled down for a nap (she likes how the bodice creates the perfect puppy perch) when Petunia the Pig was served. She quickly woke up and decided that she could get used to eating pork:

Early evening on Saturday I had Rachel's loaned Ashford Traveler with me under the canopy and I was getting some good practice on doing a long draw spin. Leeloo was in the snuggy napping and I was spinning. All very nice, except that the wind was picking up and the light was waning. The candle light that Brandon had setup for me was blown out by the wind. While I could have spun by feel, I still preferred the ability to see what I was doing. It was great to have a wheel with me that was somewhat period in looks. Had one kid give a 'wow! cool!' that I was creating yarn.
If I'm known by anyone at the event, its because of Leeloo. She had everyone wrapped around her tiny paws and greeted everyone with kisses. Had to watch out when she was out walking that she didn't roll over in the mud to present belly (she did get one onesie dirty that way). She's a little too submissive that way, but must be a tiny thing as a 'please don't hurt me, I'm small.' I had several people recognize her when I had different outfits on. Michelle wants to make her a period tunic and Svava's mother Raphaela thought her onesie looked period. I think she'll definitely need a little capelet after seeing Raphaela's dog in one. There were lots of dogs of all shapes and sizes to be seen and sometimes heard in the wee hours.
Brandon has found plans to create a caravan on top of our 4x8 trailer that could possibly used for future events. Well if we were to become vendors have a little more leniency for it not being period. I have clothing ideas after seeing all kinds of garb. Now to finish up some knitting projects so that I can do some sewing projects. ;-)

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