Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vacation Part 2 - Leavenworth & Seattle

On Tuesday, for my birthday we went in to Leavenworth for the day. It's an hour long drive or 54 miles. Up an over Steven's Pass, where we did see snow near the ditches and mixed in with the rain coming down.  We arrived in town in time for brunch. It was still slightly overcast, so felt safe in leaving Leeloo in the car while we ate. Cheese Blintz's with blueberries and red potatoes for me, Brandon had breakfast with a German sausage.

Fortified with food, we set off to re-explore the town:

Rachel had told me about Wooly Bully Yarns and without a lot of effort we found it. The big disappointment was that she was all out of anything local. It was alpaca too. We found out that Tuesday was a common day for many of the stores to be closed. They weren't fully into their 'summer' hours I think. After walking around for a couple of hours, we found a park to hang out in for a bit while we decided what next to do:
On the way out of the park, Brandon used the tripod and the timer to take a 'family' photo:
Brandon found a cool tea cup with a strainer and lid at the Cup and Kettle tea store. The Candle Connection had a fun glass ball candle holder that has an opening on the side for the tea lite to go into with a metal chain to hang it with. We plan to use it for our SCA camping. We were directed to A Paw Above, by the nice lady in the Russian store I can't remember its name, where I found some Yorkie signs to have fun with. We tried out a dog cookie, but it turns out it was pretty hard and too hard for Leeloo to eat without soaking. The store owner was very nice and tried to find us other Yorkie stuff to tempt us with. Here's Leeloo with her:

She was also able to list out dog friendly eateries that we could try. Mainly because they had outdoor patios. One was just kind of a beer garden with sausages. Not what I really had in mind. So we went to the other side of town to one called 'South'. Found out why, it was a south of the border restaurant, so I still ended up having a German sausage with sauerkraut and a side order of sweet potato fries with a garlic mayonnaise aioli. The fries were yummy with the aioli! I took the leftovers back to the cabin to enjoy the next day.
It had started to sprinkle while we were waiting and Leeloo had been doing some walking during our adventures, so she was really tired by that point. She didn't even wake up while I was eating over here head.

After our early dinner, I wanted to take back some German Chocolate cake for dessert. You would think in a Bavarian town this wouldn't be difficult to find. Those restaurants that were on the main walk street with menus outside, none had any listed. We finally ended up at Gustav's and brought back a piece of their 'Chocolate Tower Layer Cake' - five layers of cake and frosting - HUGE! I ate it for four days. Brandon brought back a piece of Key Lime pie, and said that I make it better. Sweet of him.  ;-)

By that time we needed to walk to the other side of town to get back to where we had the car parked to head back home.

On out way home from the cabin we stopped in and said hi to my mom who was visiting my sister for the weekend. My niece Bailey loves dogs, but her dad doesn't, so she played with Leeloo in the front yard:

Brandon was able to get a shot of three generations of 'Gilmore' girls (mom's maiden name), with Leeloo too:

We couldn't wait for Bailey's parents to get back from their appointment, so headed on to downtown Seattle and Pike Street Market to look around:

Found some lunch to share, BBQ Pork on a stick, I think Leeloo liked it:

We found another dog store that I got a little Yorkie zipper pull and a dog item for my mom's birthday. After stopping by the donut guy, Brandon waited in line for them, we opted to head home.  Leeloo found that she liked being on the pillow on top of her crate, rather than in the crate. We'll change that out for the next road trip she's on. I'd rather have her safe inside the crate than a potential projectile.


  1. Loved hearing about your adventures!! Come back soon and tell Leeloo and said hi!!

    A Paw Above

  2. I meant to say and tell Leeloo "I" said hi" :)

  3. Sounds like a fun birthday! and Leeloo is adorable :)