Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Demon spawn and Fibers

Leeloo went in for a follow-up visit to check on her laceration. It was healing fine, but the scab was resistant to being removed. Dr. Yung had to take her back and shave it off. Tiny little mark, lots of scab material. We also did a weight check and she's up to 2.9 pounds and on track for her growth. From the vet's we headed to Forest Grove for the Faire in the Grove.

We saw Rachel, Owen and Hazel as we were coming in and they met up with us at the canopy Brandon had set up. Leeloo had fun playing with Hazel. Hazel quickly learned how to use Leeloo's harness to bring her back into reach.

Rachel took a photo of Brandon and Hugh playing (recorder and ocarina):

After the babies had fun playing with each other we headed out in separate directions, they'd already seen most of the booths. Once Leeloo's size is set I will probably have to make her a sweater or something for the fall, I had to keep her bundled up to keep her warm (sun in my eyes, so a frown type look):
I was able to find a nice chemise for a dress that Caterina gave me. I still need to make one of course, along with a skirt, but I have more clothes to wear Memorial Day Weekend this way. Caterina took this pic of the three of us: 

Friday afternoon I had taken Leeloo over to Sharon's house to meet Toki. She was a little worried by Jimmy barking outside, she was slow to warm up to Toki but was very calm with him. He loved crawling over me and getting scritches, I know all the 'right' ones. ;-) There was a little bit of play, but I think more would happen if we had them over for a visit. This week though is a week of rain so not a lot of playing outside with visitors. Darn it. I picked up a pretty pale pink merino/tencel roving that Sharon had on sale, and I couldn't resist getting eight ounces of it. Yes, even though its pink.

On Ravelry I had Cynthia contact me about my half skein of Malabrigo Lace in Bobby Blue. She's making a Citron and needed it to finish. She offered up a skein of her Azul for it and since I didn't have anything definite planned for it, I said sure. Funny thing is, she lives in Portland Maine, and I bought the skein from Knit-Purl, in Portland Oregon. I didn't ask which Azul she had but hoped for the Profundo, and that's what she sent:

So wondering about the 'demonspawn' part? ;-) Leeloo has been here for three weeks and definitely comfortable with the household now. She can be very sweet and snuggly but she'll have bursts, usually late in the day where she'll become a little evil land shark attacking hands and trying to tear you to pieces - thus the demon spawn. She also becomes sensitive to being touched and tries to attack you for doing it. I think the second part is from being a 'toy' sized dog. 

I still carry her out to go potty, but she is starting to get to play down on the floor and has been going to the sliding glass door to let me know she needs to go out. I just need to hook up a bell for her to ring to let me know as a back up. I'm trying to show her how to get around the house by following me, but sometimes her puppy brain gets distracted and she doesn't always make it.

Norbert still follows us to the door if not outside for her potty trips. If I put her in her crate, she still shrieks and he whines about it. (We're working on making the crate a good thing.) He is doing a concerted effort to ignore Leeloo for the most part. He'll let her zip around and bump into his backend and ignore it. He just looks at her if he's laying down and she's trying to get him to play and she backs off. He just has growled at her if he has a toy that he's guarding or like tonight has a rawhide stick that he's taken back from her. He's even gone and laid down near her while she's napping, but I'm still keeping a close eye on their interactions. Leeloo has a tendency to be a little suicidal in trying to get him to play with her. 

Having this tiny of a puppy is also causing better housecleaning. She finds any tiny little bit on the floor and of course its in her mouth. I've gone through the toy bucket and cleaned out old toys and bones and washed everything else. More cleaning and organizing of various of the house will be happening - hey - 'spring cleaning' at its finest. I always used to tell the puppy group that they make us better housekeepers and I'm reliving that fact. 


  1. Wow, having a puppy sounds an awful lot like having a baby! She's adorable though, and I know that makes it all worth it.

    I love your shawl (and it's so nice to see your face)(hi!)! Is that the wool peddler's shawl?

  2. Love the pics of Leeloo and Hazel! Sorry I missed you two last night at Whole Foods. My back was giving me trouble and I had just sat down. Please bring Leeloo over again soon to play with Toki!

  3. Thanks Elizabeth! Waiting for pics of our new do too. ;-)

    Sharon - you and Toki should come over and play in our big backyard. I think they would have a blast with it.