Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gardening fun

Saturday afternoon Leeloo, Brandon and I went to the Tualatin Valley Gardeners' Association Plant Sale at Washington County Fairgrounds. Brandon found an awesome cart to collect our plants on and soon there were tomatoes - Sweet Golds (yellow cherry tomatoes that are supposed to be sweet like candy), Beef Eaters (I think is the name) and Romas (for salsas), four kinds of chilis - jalapenos, sweet banana, anaheim and a new one -telica ; four kinds of squash - green zucchini, patti-pans, delicata, and buttercup; a few herbs - chives, dill, and parsley; daisys - yellow, cream, and two fancy purple ones; a little lavender shrub, a Colorado Columbine to go with my others, and a new viola to also go with the others; a couple of hostas and another shade loving shrub for under the front window.

Leeloo insisted upon walking around and meeting people there. She has a preference for meeting men, the little flirt. She got to see a pug, a chihuahua, and a beardie. She was also outside helping to get everything all planted until my migraine got to the point I needed to take a nap, so she joined me in bed for that.

Leeloo is helping me get lots of yard work done by going out into the back yard to get her some exercise between downpours and while out there I've pulled weeds, trimmed trees and shrubs and figured out empty spots. Hence the additional daises for the spots under trees that still get some good sun and the need for another Columbine. I still need an oregano and another yarrow. I'd also like to get some carrot seeds to put in the vegetable box.We're also getting Norbert outdoors a lot more than he used to do. He likes to keep an eye on what Leeloo is doing but also is doing a lot of squirrel watching, checking out the edges of the yard for squirrel access and being dive-bombed by a kamikaze Leeloo biting at his butt and legs.

Leeloo is twelve weeks old today. Monday she had her second vaccination injection and a couple hours afterward she's crying in pain whenever she moved. She cried until 2am when things seemed to settle down. Thankfully, I still had some pain meds from when we went to Dove Lewis, so gave her one of those to help get through the experience. I'm going to make sure we come home with some for the next one and definitely making sure that she doesn't get her rabies at that same visit. Weighed in at 2 pounds 14 ounces. I think it was 12 or 14 weeks that its been said you can double that weight for their adult weight. This hopefully means that she'll weigh in over five pounds and we might be able to do the laproscopic spay. 

Wednesday I made it to spinning, Leeloo came along since Lily was under the weather and so Kim thought it best to skip the planned visit. I brought knitting and actually got a few rows done. Leeloo got to eat a few of Hazel's dropped Cheerios and lay on her blanket, but napped on her fuzzy blanket at my feet for the most part. Leeloo stayed home and was puppy sat by William so I could go to the Wednesday night Whole Food's knitting group. It was Tiggywinkleknit's birthday and it was nice getting to talk with people I hadn't talked with for a few weeks. More knitting on the footie!


  1. Beefsteak tomato? Sounds like fun. :)

  2. Oh girl, we are going to have to work out a yarn for seeds swap! The purple flowers (osteospermum) are SO hard to find in Alabama and I love them - they're so funky! I'll buy seeds from you after your plants are done blooming - seriously!