Monday, April 19, 2010

Leeloo's First Week here

It's been a busy first week here for Leeloo. Sunday's Earthdog watching. Monday was full of car rides with a rear end accident and going to the vet's office. The vet says that she's a healthy little girl but was surprised to find that the scratching that she had been doing at her ears were from ear mites. She doesn't usually see that in puppies. So seven days of meds, off seven days and back on for another seven and she'll be mite free. I'm also treating Norbert because he's slept in the same areas as Leeloo. She also weighed in at two pounds five ounces.

(Leeloo following Norbert around in the backyard - filmed with Brandon's Blackberry, sorry- poor video quality)

Leeloo sleeps on the bed with us and has only had one or two little accidents, where I wasn't getting up fast enough to take her out. My mistakes. Living room accidents have been similar. I'm getting back into that routine of 'Leeloo wakes up, we both go outside'. Thankfully the rain sprinkles hasn't bothered and she goes outside anyway. There's also the 'Leeloo eats/drinks and within ten minutes we go outside'. Thankfully she sleeps through most of the night. This morning was the earliest she was up at 5:30am. Ugh!

We get up and go outside to potty then come in and eat some kibbles, then play for an hour or so. Then she's ready for another nap so I can get another hour or so of sleep. This morning I needed much more sleep since I had problems getting to sleep last night. Hope that isn't repeated! There's eating and playing, indoors and outdoors.

Norbert even solicited play with Leeloo on his own. Silly boy kept trying to figure out how to hump her though and really wanted to play bitey face games like he did with Nessa. He recognized she's smaller and was on his belly trying to play, but just a little too enthusiastic with the tug toy. He let her steal his tennis ball when he dropped it and things seemed to be going well. It wasn't until Saturday afternoon when William noticed that Norbert was limping that things went bad. Leeloo was trying to play with him as they had been and he curled his lips at her. So pulled her out and redirected to other activities.

Since baths are supposed to be a regular part of her grooming, I thought I should introduce them early to Leeloo. She doesn't agree:
Hair dryers have also been deemed pretty scary/evil things, even on low heat, low blow.

I don't know maybe it might have partially been her change of smell and the sore foot, but she and Norbert were on the floor by my feet and I saw the muscles pulling back on Norbert's face and I'm yelling and reaching for Leeloo when Norbert snarked her. I'm just hearing terrified puppy squeals and picking her up. Brandon is the one seeing her over my shoulder that sees the blood. 8pm at night and Frontier is closed, so a call to Dove Lewis because we couldn't tell if her eye was involved or not. It was a very long drive there. They do have an efficient triage group that came and scooped her up to check her out and see about pain meds. After about a half an hour or so, they brought her back out because they hadn't given her the pain meds but she wouldn't calm down. She did as soon as I had her back again. Well there was Anton the big white pointy nose poodle in with his brother Andre the big black poodle getting stitches in his face from a dog park visit, that bothered her a bit. So she's met fancy standard poodles and has been less than impressed. 

After we were there for over an hour and a half, just like visiting the people ER, we got to see the vet. She did very well with the temperature taking and having her breathing checked. He thought it was just a small laceration under her eye and no stitches needed, but wanted to stain the eye to make sure there was nothing there. Off they went to do that and off we went back to the waiting room. I think that took about twenty minutes and then she was back with us and found out her eye was fine and we were going home with some syringes with pain meds (finally) and an antibiotic ointment for her eye. Even though it was fine, its safer to treat it than not. So my first and hopefully last visit to the animal emergency room.

Norbert and Leeloo are avoiding each other. Norbert willingly since his foot still hurts, I think he slammed it into the door or wall chasing after balls by the front door. It seems like his fore-toe on his right foot. Since there is nothing the vet can do if it is broken except recommend rest, that's what we're doing. Last night he was a bit 'green' after going into the newly mowed yard:
(Imagine how his feet look too. He's also in need of another trim, if only his eyebrows.)
Leeloo outside before Brandon got home, just starting to sprinkle and she's oblivious to it:

Can you see the laceration under her left eye? She's still a terror with growing plants her height or bigger, finds all the sticks blown down, wakes you up with puppy kisses and gentle nibbles to the chin and attacks shoelaces:


  1. Lily did the same thing, now she carries the entire shoe off to the other room. Robert will chase her out there, then run back to the bedroom and she will charge back with it. It's cute and frustrating.

    Leeloo is sooooo cute!

  2. Yes, they sure know how to push the cute button. Just like babies, its to keep us from killing them sometimes. ;-)

  3. Little Leeloo isjust full of herself. Norbert's a saint for allowing her to trail along in the yard. Loved the videos.