Thursday, April 1, 2010

Plain Jane

If you've noticed the works in progress along the side, you may have noticed that a couple of them were stalled out. I hurt the back of my neck/shoulders doing that mad Ravelympics knitting. So I took a couple of weeks off from knitting and was just spinning. That wasn't helping things out either, so wasn't doing much of that either. I took knitting and spinning to the beach and both were neglected. Then with Nessa gone I wasn't up for much.

My Wednesday spinning ladies forced me out of the house and I took along the Pingouin grey wool that I received for Christmas. I had thought it would make a nice warm plain shawl(ette) for wearing with SCA garb during the spring. There's a camping event Memorial Day weekend that some have said can be very chilly at night with the winds. Simple four row pattern just knitting seemed like the plan. (For those of you historically inclined - knitting does go back to at least the 1400s, lots of evidence in Germany of it. Most done on metal dpns - yes, they were knitting in the round before they were knitting flat!)

A week later its done:
Norbert on Monday actually played with me for about 15 minutes. Full on Scottie romp. We both get out to take Brandon to work, or he comes with me to pick him up. He really enjoys car rides. He's laying on the couch closer to me, but I can't touch him if he does. He's doing better with his eating. He was pretty excited to see us tonight when we got home and solicited ball play, so another encouraging sign that he's perking up.

In the terrier family I've contemplated: Cairns, Norfolk/Norwich, and Greta's choice - Border. I chatted Wednesday night with a breeder she had talked with at the last Rose City Classic, Charlotte. She's up in Port Angeles Washington. She has a dog that she bred two weeks ago and is waiting to find out if it took. If it did puppies would arrive the first part of May. The puppies would then be ready to go home towards the end of July. Cost of this lovely temperament, healthy background puppy? $1500. I about fell over when I heard that number. While mom did send me some early birthday money, even with combining other gift money/tax refund money, I would be more than a few pennies short. Sigh. Greta did try to help point out this would be money I wouldn't be respending on vet bills for ear infections, bad hips or teeth. 

I was also recommended a Miniature Schnauzer breeder living in Salem who is a second generation breeder. I have a call in with her. 

I know that there is the perfect puppy/dog out there for us. Its just finding her that may be the frustrating part. ;-) Remember patience isn't one of my 'virtues'.


  1. Love it! You'll get a lot of use out of that shawl!

  2. I can hook you up with a friend of mine who has Cairns from a relatively local breeder (Seattle, I believe).