Thursday, April 22, 2010

Out & About & a Playdate

Wednesday morning Leeloo went to visit the ladies at spinning. She really liked Shelia and didn't seem to trigger any dog allergy symptoms. Leeloo also got to meet/see a baby, Hazel in a stroller while mom Rachel held Leeloo:
Robyn with her son (18 months old) Jonathan also said hi. Gail loved snuggling a puppy and I think if she could have gotten away with it would have taken her home. ;-)  Sara brought two year old Connor, but Connor scared Leeloo, so she didn't get close. 

Wednesdays are also knit night at Whole Foods, so a trip there was in order. I didn't plan to stay to knit, just a social visit. Sharon caught sight of Leeloo and was the first to get to hold her in the puppy passing. She has a puppy Toki that is a Chihuahua/Pekingese crossbreed. He's almost seven months old and we have a playdate with him on Friday (I get to pick up some lovely merino/tencel roving Sharon is holding for me.) From Sharon she went to Karen to be held followed by Duffy. Cindy looked on and did pet her too and deem her adorable. ;-) (Cindy wasn't the only one cooing over Leeloo's adorableness, all of them will have to be watched carefully not to try to sneak her home with themselves. VBG) I then zipped her up in my jacket with her head peaking out so I could bring home some Mushroom Barley soup and a mini-baguette for dinner. The guy at the cash register didn't say anything about not bringing her inside the store, just pointed out that there were dog treats outside the doors. Very nice! (Sorry no pics because I figured it would be too difficult.)

After leaving Whole Foods we stopped in at a new store called Pet Pros and found a couple of small stuffed toys for Leeloo and a stuffed parrot for Norbert. I also picked up a little purple harness for Leeloo to wear so I can have her on a leather show lead, or another light leash, this weekend. Then we went down to the JoAnn's to pick up some Rit dye for Brandon to dye his doublet and pants he made (yes, he did all his own sewing, including some by hand!) for Faire in the Grove. He plans to spend the weekend hanging out. Leeloo and I may make an appearance on Saturday, I've been invited to bring my spinning wheel (even though its not historically accurate) and demo. While at JoAnn's Leeloo got to meet a man with a mustache and goatee. On the way home there was a quick stop into Walgreen's where she got to meet a man with a mustache. 

Whew! Busy day/night meeting lots of new people of different size and shapes and facial hair. All important things for little puppies to do. There were no shopping carts around, so I'll have to try for those this weekend. ;-)

Since the weather said that today, Earth day, was supposed to be nice, I made plans with Tammy to have her bring Kim (teenager) and Lilly, the six month old Miniature Australian Shepard for a play date. I kept Norbert inside so that he didn't try to guard Leeloo. He was most upset about people coming to visit, plus another dog and not getting to interact with them.  He did get out for a few minutes when I went in to get water for the puppies and he did really well. He did a tiny little snark with Lilly because she wasn't letting him greet her properly, from there things were fine for him. Lilly was a little stressed and peed on Kim. Overall a very enjoyable afternoon talking about dogs and their behavior and watching two puppies have fun!

ETA: Forgot to mention that as Tammy, Kim and Lilly were heading home I saw a lady walking a tiny little Papillon, named Jazzy. So Leeloo and I went to meet another little dog. She wasn't a puppy, but still looked incredibly tiny. Probably about the size Leeloo may end up.

I have three videos, one a bit large that I'll link to if you'd like to see all the action and another small one, that really has more of Leeloo.

After eating some dinner, Leeloo has spent a very quiet evening sleeping. Looks like we'll have a busy next few days with fiber and puppy fun, so more pics and possibly videos coming soon!


  1. omg how cute!! what a romp! Toki is looking forward to playing with Leeloo.

  2. You needn't fear Leeloo coming home with me. The cats would be extremely pissed at me for bringing home a dog, even though they outweigh her by at least 5 pounds.