Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Knit Picks Spring Sample Event

I met up with seven local knitter friends (Trtlgrl, GirlyWithATwist, LavandarKnits, ElusiveFirefly, Norichan, Alyssa and Kathy) at the Knit Picks Yarn Party they had in Portland this evening. We all received door prize tickets and a coupon for 10% off. I'm using my discount to order the yarn for William's Christmas present.

They had little 'yarn truffles' of the new Stroll Tonal yarns and their new cotton yarns. I have some pretty 'truffles' to play with (serious flash washout, so pics in the daylight). The cotton ones we are supposed to have enough to make some Dust bunnies or Bunny Nuggets.

Some pics:

Zena was of course also spotted attending, she's Kelley's pride and joy:

I was also lucky enough to have my ticket number drawn. All the needle sets and shawl sets were gone. I picked out a pretty hand painted sock yarn:

A fun evening!  I also got to say hi to a former Intel co-worker, Cindy. It was nice running into her.


  1. Looks like fun! Wish I could have joined you, but I was stuck in class.

  2. Very fun! I was sampling a piano, so I didn't quite make it!