Saturday, April 10, 2010

Meet LeeLoo

I drove back and forth to Centralia Friday night to meet some puppies and came home with one. This was after setting up an appointment to possibly adopt a 2 year old Yorkie girl, Opal.

I spent the drive crying up there thinking of Nessa and longing for her and knowing that a new puppy wasn't going to be replacing her, just a next step. It was still terribly painful. There were also tears on the drive back but less of them today.

I did get to see and meet mom and dad. Mom was terribly excited to see me and Dad was a little shy. Mom is a half Yorkie - half Silkie Terrier and weighed in at nine pounds. Dad is full Yorkie and weighs five pounds. (If you didn't go check out the link above.)

While meeting the puppies, I went with the express purpose of picking one of the girls, both boys spent most of the time flirting with me. Every time I thought I had a puppy picked out, turns out it was a boy. Then one of the girls kept coming back to me and finally stayed. I was picked.

Other than a few minutes of crying after we left she settled down and slept through the drive. Made it easier to make the drive. Nessa cried the entire trip, she never did learn to like car rides.

Looks like she's about twelve inches long and currently weighing in at two pounds six ounces. I'm hoping that she'll end up in the five or six pound range, but we'll just have to wait and see. We've had more crying today as she adjusts to no siblings or mom to suck on. She's been eating kibble since five weeks but still allowed to nurse. She's also a little snuggle bug that I've been missing.

Norbert has been pretty good with her. Thinks she's interesting, protective of her but that did snark once when she got near William's feet. We'll be keeping an eye on their interactions of course! We have Nickel and Cedi here for the weekend and Norbert is also keeping Nickel away from her. Norbert doesn't challenge Cedi in any way and defers to her. Sometimes he's frustrated because she's laying across the hallway and he can't get around her. Kind of funny to see.

Bounced around names all day and Carissa commented that she reminds her of her dog Lola and suggested Lulu. Which triggered the Fifth Element character Leeloo name. It's one of our family favorite movies. So here's Leeloo:

I need to clip some nose hairs that are causing her eyes to tear because they poke her in the eye. We have a vet appointment for Monday afternoon, earliest I could get a particular vet, she's popular. I'm remembering what its like to have a baby in the house. Lots of sleeping, some eating, going outside (its a little intimidating) and playing.


  1. Hi Leeloo, you are just so cute! When will I get to meet you?

  2. We want to meet her too. She's such a cutie. We'd love to have Lily meet her too, from a distance at first just to see how they interact, when you are ready of course.

  3. Leeloo looks snuggly... too cute :)

  4. Congratulations on your little LeeLoo ... she's adorable! I have had Yorkies for over 30 years now. Currently my 4th and 5th are Miles and Louie. I'm also a knitter and reader so was glad to find your blog. My daughter sent me your link.

  5. Thank you all! Yes, Leeloo is a little snuggler, but can be independent also. I have a hard time sometimes pulling myself away from her. I need to use her laptime better, so I can actually get some knitting done. I also need to finish a curtain for William.....

    Jayaycee I would love to hear more about your Yorkies. Terriers aren't new, but someone this tiny is very new.