Thursday, June 4, 2009

Catching Up?

I've gotten things done this week, but I feel like I've gotten nothing done.

I have managed to spin up two ounces of lovely silver alpaca from Alpaca Direct. It's stuff I got from Christmas money my mom gave. It's going to be a lovely yarn I think:

I also have gotten the Borscht Greenjeans cardigan to the point that the armholes are on holders and I'm starting work on the body. Whew! Still kind of looks the same as the previous picture though, so no use wasting space for it.

I picked up somethings from Kathleen Wednesday night: four ounces of light natural brown Louet Coopworth Roving (she got it for working for Morgaine, Carolina Homespun at TKGA); scarf/stole pattern to test knit with some of Stitchjones pretty Marine Blue yarn - plus the sample she did; the pattern she's giving to put in the goodie bags for WWKiP day.

I finished sock one of dad's Sockin Thuja Sox. I found out Wednesday that I don't have to have them done on Saturday, I have until Father's day to get them done. So have two weeks to get the second one done is good right now. Here's what the finished one looks like:

I did though immediately cast on for sock two and get a few rounds going. That way I can have it as a project to work on in the car Saturday.

Also found out on Wednesday that there is going to be a birthday party for Jenna - three weeks later than her actual birthday. So I thought I was off the hook to knit something and now I'm dangling precariously on the hook. I did get the baby doll top cast on and through the sleeves done. I just cast off the sleeves and have the upper body to do and then switch yarns. I think I'm going to hold the Bollywood double, but may still change my mind. I've done a number of modifications that you can check on Ravelry if you're really curious. I plan at least one more major modification but that you'll also have to wait to find out. ;-)

Sharon was really nice and gave me a purple mohair sample to try spinning. It's about an ounce of grape kool-aid silkiness:

I still need to finish the Bonsai Swing Top. I'm taking it with me Saturday for the car ride down to Salem. I'm going to be knitting at birthday parties because I have too much to do not to be knitting! ;-)

We had a really good wind storm followed by a cool thunderstorm here tonight. I videotaped the trees being blown in the wind but haven't done more than move it off the camera. Let me know if you're really curious and I can see about getting it on YouTube this weekend.

So to go along with the title - no I don't think I'm catching up and getting everything done that I had hoped to have done by now. Maybe next week?

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  1. LIfe is a whirlwind, right? That storm was wild...and brief, at least on my side of town. But I opted not to go out under the trees at the windiest part. Decided the chair cushions could come in the house instead...