Thursday, June 25, 2009

Knit Not War - 91 Cranes Still Needed!

Knit-Purl still needs 91 cranes to make up the needed last 300 of the 1000 for KnitNotWar anti-war campaign.

The cranes take just a couple of hours to knit. A quick felt trip and then a few stitches to make them crane shaped and you're done. These are great stash busters if you have odds and ends.

They're trying to do the installation on Wednesday July 1st. Have time for a crane or two? I made 16. I might be able to whip out a few more, after I finish the project for Mom.

I'd love to offer a prize as incentive to participate, but if you're like me you're saving for Sock Summit, or Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. ;-)

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