Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Migraines Suck

I had a migraine while working on Friday, woke up with one on Saturday. It thankfully put itself at an ebb during the WWKiP event but returned in full force after I got back home. Sunday again woke up with another. I had high hopes for Monday but again woke up with the pain.

Excedrin Migraine was a little useful. Making sure that hypoglycemia reaction wasn't the cause of the headache was also part of the attempts at a cure. There were also a few Tylenol 3 with codeine tablets as well as Vicodin tablets. The first few days they were left side migraines and then they flipped to the right side. What's up with that? What might be up is that I know that my neck is out of whack and things are showing up as migraines.

I have had series like these, but when one of the days is also your birthday, it really sucks. I had hoped to do things like get out of the house and have lunch somewhere. Go check out Twisted for the first time. I suspect that this may have actually been a good thing for my pocketbook!

Today I woke up with the absence of pain. It's been a relief. Too much time at the computer though I suspect may trigger something so I may be a little 'distant' cyber-wise over the next week.

The boys took me out to a nice dinner last night at Marie Calender's. My choice. I love their pot roast dinner. Afterward since we were so close to the GoodWill that Tiggywinkleknits has had awesome luck in finding men's sweaters to recycle into yarn I asked for an attempt. There were a number of possibilities a couple of them were sure things but honestly the yarns were scratchy and not something I wanted to recycle. Instead I found a navy cardigan that says its 100% lambswool and has a tiny hold near a seam and a very soft grey striped sweater that I know has wool but can't read the content label - I think its in Chinese. Here they are:

I hope to have Bobbie take a look at them either tonight or Wednesday. Then start making them into 'new yarn'. If it looks like I'll just get scraps out of them, I can return them to GoodWill for an exchange with their tags. Each were only $4.99 so not a huge investment.

Now back to work on socks, tops and samples.


  1. Hi! I came across your blog and enjoy it as a fellow knitter (although my stuff isn't near as cool as yours!). But I just thought I'd comment, as someone who also can get two day long migraines (and I started to get one on Saturday, too, oddly enough!) The thing that helps me most is pumping myself full of caffeine right when they start to hit. I get early symptoms, like messed up vision and numbness, so as soon as things start to go crazy I start drinking all the caffeine I can my hands on, usually really strong tea, or chocolate if that's all I can find. This may sound quacky, but it's like I get all the migraine symptoms (like I still don't like loud noises or bright lights) except the pain, or just a mild and annoying headache. I've heard it has something to do with getting your blood moving or vessels expanding or something, but I AM NOT A DOCTOR so take that with a grain of salt.

    I have a hard time believing that something so simple makes such a difference. I've been pregnant or nursing quite a bit the past few years so I haven't been able to take strong medicines. I started chasing Tylenol with caffeine, but lately it seems like I only need the caffeine. Maybe the hydration helps, too. So there's that, for what it's worth. I know migraines suck so I'd figure I'd throw it out there for you. :)

    And thanks for posting all the great knitting ideas! - Rachel

  2. Hi Rachel!

    Thanks, I had heard about upping the caffeine levels when you feel one coming on. It usually works too. I've been drinking lots of coffee to help out. The Excedrin Migraine also contains lots of caffeine. They just weren't helping.

    I changed my coffee drinking habits a couple years ago for this. I had been only drinking one cup a day but have increased to two or three to help keep from getting migraines. This cycle just seems to have been different.

    I also think I'm peri-menopausal and that might have something to do with the weirdness.

  3. Sorry to hear about the migraines :( I have been dealing with allergies (should probably make sure it's not a sinus infection, but I haven't wanted to waste an afternoon at student health!) I haven't been to Twisted yet either, so I'd love to go with you when you go! Happy late birthday :)

  4. Tami--I'm glad you were able to go out to dinner and shopping on your birthday! Although I've been really lucky and don't get migraines, my daughter used to have them so I know they're horrible. Hope you're feeling better now. Happy belated birthday to ya!