Sunday, May 31, 2009

The end of May

Saturday when I tried to pick up some knitting I had found that all of the fiendish purling on the Bonsai Swing Top and the Borscht Greenjeans showed up in the base of my left forefinger - the one that does all the purl work for me. One of the pain causers:

I was worried about the socks though so I worked through my pain to do a few more rows of the Herringbone Rib sock pattern. Then decided it really wasn't working for the yarn. Here's how far I got:

So I looked in Ravelry for a men's sock pattern that would be interesting without putting me to sleep. Then I went to Knitty and did the same. I ended up going with one published through Knitty - Thuja, after all it was also knit for a dad. ;-) With about an hours worth of knitting I was able to get it to this point:

Saturday morning one of the first things I did (after making coffee!) was to ply the ounce of Spinner's Hill Corriedale-Fin-Ramboillet in grey that I had waiting. It then rested again and today I took it off the bobbin, gave it a nice hot soak and then let it air dry outside around the back of a chair. It ended up being about 128 yards somewhere between a lace and fingering weight. Pretty too!

I wandered around the back yard for a few minutes and took a few pictures:
Violas - love them!
Mystery flowers, can you tell me what they are?
This was just a small portion of what was left behind! Some garden snake is sporting some new skin.

I had forgotten to share some fiber I got from Shelia's trip to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. They are from Spinner's Hill - yup, same dyer as the grey above:
Corriedale-Finn-Rambouillet-Silk ~7.5 ozs, Teal
Corriedale-Finn-Rambouillet-Silk-Mohair ~7.9 ozs, Black Cherry

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  1. I love the little color pattern that your yarn is making on the Thuja; it didn't show at all on the Herringbone Rib. Great choice.