Tuesday, June 16, 2009

World Wide Knit in Public Day

We had a successful day! Some of us planned to arrive an hour early to setup canopies and tables so that we'd be ready when people started arriving at 10am. Surprise! People must have been eager to get their goodie bags because we had a lot of other people also showing up early.

I took pictures and others took pictures. The coolest thing was that the Center took pictures and then burned them to a CD for us. I popped all of my pictures up on a Picassa Web Album for easy viewing.
World Wide Knit in Public Day, June 13, 2009 Hillsboro Oregon

We had 50+ knitters, crocheters and spinners there. Wow! I think we could have had the largest number of people participating. Wonder if it was the knowledge of 40 goodie bags? Bobbie did an awesome job of luring people in to the wonders of drop spindling. We'll see if any of them show up to our Wednesday morning spinning group at the Grange. ;-)

Peggy has posted about us on her Oregonlive blog. JoAnn of the Hillsboro Argus joined us and not only knitted but learned how to drop spindle. Here's her article on our event. (I'll also connect it up to the icon on my sidebar for future reference.)

Cindy brought one block and I had a block for the Sock Summit Doctors Without Borders Barn Raising Quilt blocks project Larissa Brown has going. Cindy also completed a block (even with me challenging her and dragging her off to help out with things) at the event.
Cindy's blocks:

I made a block out of leftover Bollywood by Stitchjones. I'd made a baby dress for Rachel's Trtlbby:

I took the samples that I received in my goodie bag from Fearless Fibers (the denim blue), Frog Creek Fibers (Stormy Sound) and Abstract Fiber (Improv) and made up a block. I still had leftovers from the Improv sample so I whipped up another one.

ETA: I've challenged other goodie bag recipients to whip up some more blocks from their samples. Hopefully will have a lot more photos to share on Thursday. (Wednesday is their deadline.)

I'm putting together thank you cards for the three local yarn stores that gave coupons and door prizes for our event - All About Yarn, Kathy's Knit Korner and The Knitting Bee. If you were a winner, do please consider sending them one too! I also have one going out to Glenn & Viola Walters Cultural Arts Center as our location host. I'll be asking about using their location for next year's event. Yup! I'm already planning!

Wonder if next year the local eatery businesses will be willing to do coupons? 50+ people enough to make it worth their while do you think?

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