Sunday, May 17, 2009

Alpaca Shearing

This morning was an extra early morning were I was out of the house shortly after 8:30am. I'm *not* a morning person so this was amazing for me. Cindy helped out with a Dutch Brothers Mocha. I just had to wait for it to cool enough to drink. ;-)

I picked up Cindy and Bobbie and we headed over to Islay Hill Alpaca Ranch where the llama shearing was already in progress. I have photos of of the llamas and alpacas here.

I did do a few videos. One I decide just wasn't showing much so didn't put up. The first one is the longest and the one I learned that alpacas spit. You can see me getting spit at and then further spitting. We all learned quickly to move if one of the alpacas started giving you the gimlet eye proceeding the spitting. It was like it was our fault they were having this indignity done to them.

This is the longer one:

Shorter one:

Towards the end we were taking the samples and labeling bags for the blankets and second cuts, sweeping and raking and encouraging the alpacas out of the barn after they were done. Yea, you would think after all the complaining they would be 'so out of there' but some had to be guided out. Then with the boys they would come back to check out the next one being done.

I was ready to be done by the time they were all done. My migraine medication had worn off and heat was starting to add to things. Cindy also needed to be home to do some transcription work.

Shelia brought home my Lendrum this evening after helping Morgaine break down her stuff from TKGA. Brandon put it together and Bobbie explained things to me, but my head bobbled things a bit so it was a slow start. I did start getting things going but will practice more in the morning with a head hopefully not pounding.


  1. I'm glad to hear the Alpaca ranch was a fun experience. I knew you were going to play with your wheel last night! Haha. :)
    Every day I worked at TKGA I was fighting migraines. Yours may have been aggravated by the early rise and being out and about. The pre-emptive tylenol helped me a lot... then Shelia brought us coffee around 4pm. That helped the headache a lot, but then I couldn't sleep last night. It's a trade off, I suppose. :)

  2. Of course I had to try out the wheel last night! It would have thought I didn't love it if I neglected it the first night it was home. ;-)

    I did try taking a nap yesterday afternoon too. Helped a bit but I should have been trying more caffeine also. Sigh. Woke up with it still this morning and the Tylenol and went back to bed. Still here, but less so.

    Hope you are feeling better!

  3. What's with the migraines this week? I had one on Thursday, then another this AM. It really sucks!

  4. Me on Tuesday too. Hayfever?

  5. Not hayfever. I think part of today's was the change in air pressure due to the changing weather pattern.

    I'd just like not to have one tomorrow - that's not asking too much is it?