Saturday, May 16, 2009


I met up with Tiggywinkleknits and rode in on the MAX to TKGA at the Double Tree by Lloyd Center. We arrived around 11:30am. By 12:00pm I was the owner of a double treadle Lendrum spinning wheel after stopping in the Carolina Homespun booth. ;-)

I had on order through Woodland Woolworks the single treadle. The Louet I have on loan is a single treadle, I've tried Bobbie's single treadle Lendrum, so that's what I was going to go with. Then I read how Kathleen had tried the double treadle there at the show and thought I should try it out. Well I found out I can treadle just fine and that if my left knee that has been bothering me acts up I can always treadle with just one and have it still work. I did have to just go with the regular flier that it comes with and the fast flier. Getting the plying head would have just thrown my budget way out. I can always borrow Bobbie's if I need that much space. Shelia (as well as Kathleen and Sara) was working for Morgaine and she volunteered to bring it home for me so that I didn't have to try lugging it on MAX in the bulky cardboard box. Shelia will drop it off at my house Sunday afternoon. Gives me time to let Brandon know about the purchase. LOL

Morgaine let me pick out some fiber to go along with it, so I scooped up all of her merino/silk in blue/purple and the lone BFL also in a blue/purple:

Also from the booth I picked up an ebony tool made my Lacis. It has a crochet hook on one end and a needle point on the other so you can use it as a cable needle. In the same photo is a shawl pin I picked up as a sample of ones that I'd like to try making and selling. I'm not sure what the red wood is, but Brandon will tell me when he sees it later.

The last purchase from Morgaine was a shuttle for Judy. It will be a birthday present this summer. It's made out of Lyptus and very pretty.

Bobbie and I both came home with some saturated black mulberry silk silver from Klaus at Crown Mountain Farms. He's going to be very busy over the next few months and almost living out of his suitcase.

We were tempted at many of the other booths but using restraint in buying things. Mine because of how much I had already spent on my wheel! There's Black Sheep in June that I'd really like to go see and then Sock Summit in August and OFFF the end of September so lots of fiber/yarn spending opportunities.

Sunday its up bright and early (UGH!) and we're off to Islay Hill Alpaca Ranch to watch the shearing. There is the opportunity for more fiber to come home, we'll see how good I can be! I'm going to try to do some videos of the shearing too for sharing.


  1. Missed ya! I had a class this morning with Lily Chin, and then made a quick sweep of the market before my parking meter ran out. Congrats on the new wheel!

  2. Thank you! I heard that was an awesome class!