Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Still recovering.....

I woke up Monday still a bit sore and lethargic from all of the physical labor in the backyard on Sunday. My knees feel bruised without any of the actual colors of a bruise. There's also the sore muscles that take a few minutes to limber up again after sitting for awhile.

I undid the ends for the Bows sock and redid the foot and toe so its the proper length. I have photos just not off the camera yet. I also started up the boy sock with the Liger yarn. I just have the ribbing done and haven't decided what pattern yet.

Taking the baby alpaca single off the bobbin was a challenge. While using the ball winder I had it pop off of the winder twice. The second time it wasn't going back on. So I had to start it all over again. I finally got that done and then took a couple of hours Monday night plying that while watching some saved shows after dinner. It's off resting and then I'll take it off and soak it, dry it and call it yarn.

I want to work and finish up the second Shur'tugal sock but I also would like to get the shop sample socks done for Friday when I go into work. I also have that other shop sample that I need to work on. While getting paid in fiber is nice, it really impacts the knitting that I'm trying to get done too! ;-)

I had bought a nice beige cotton yarn that I thought about sending down to my mother along with a pattern for Mother's day. I've since figured out that I have enough of it to make her a February Lady Sweater and since it will be longer/heavier I can do it and save it for holiday giving. Instead I'll send her the other yarn I had picked up for her and the Hey Teach cardigan pattern. That way I can help encourage her knitting. ;-)

I had gotten from Linda samples of Mesa's locks a couple weeks ago. Mesa is a Navajo-Churro that Linda raises on her farm in Pennsylvania. I showed them off to some of the spinning ladies last Wednesday. I think that they are similar to Icelandic in that you can separate out the tog and thel portion of the locks. Not a lot of lanolin to remove and I had planned to wash them yesterday afternoon but couldn't remember what 'safe place' I had put the envelope (it was in a stack of stuff on my desk - duh!). There is some possible interest in buying a fleece and going from there but Shelia had mentioned that there are a couple of farms near here on Bald Peak that have Icelandic and Navajo-Churro that we could do a field trip to visit.

Quieter week than last for me work wise. Just working on Friday and class on Wednesday. Some chance to get a lot of knitting done along with the spinning on Wednesday. Spinnerati is on Saturday but I had signed up for an afternoon tips and tricks class at Knit/Purl so don't want to be gone all day. I may change my mind and figure out something to do for an hour and a half. I could just knit in the store after spinning. Mother's day I have one of the Cultural Passes from the library to go see the Japanese Gardens. We're going to take Judy, Brandon's mom along with us to enjoy the visit with a lunch afterward.

The following weekend is TKGA and Tiggywinkleknits has invited me to go down with her for a few hours. We'll meet up with Kathleen after her class. Sunday also has a proposed excursion that is fiber related but those details are sketchy right now. We don't have anything currently planned for Memorial day weekend, but its early yet.


  1. Thank you for letting me know you received Mesa's lock of fleece. You are right, there are some Navajo-Churro farms in the Pacific North West. May I suggest Karen Lobb's Bide a Wee Farm in Newberg, OR? There are others if that's too far from you. Let me know.

  2. The pattern I made is sized/designed to replace the sponge scrubbers (3"x5-6"). I still need to make myself some cotton dishcloths, I used to give those away as wedding gifts, and have not made any for myself!

  3. How funny, the farm I was referring to was Bide-A-Wee. Karen is just down the road and around the corner from me. Small world, huh?