Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alpaca Yarn, Tips & Tricks and a WIP

I finished up the baby alpaca yarn last week and have it all skeined up. It's here for viewing. I was able to get 379 yards of lace weight yarn. I'm not sure what I'll do with it, but I'll enjoy working with it when I do.

Linda at Guitner Road farm with her Navajo-Churros shared some of Mesa's locks after I mentioned how pretty she looked. Linda did share that if I wanted to get some locally there's a farmer in Newberg. Small world as the farmer is also a neighbor of Shelia's and she had proposed a field trip there to see the Navajo-Churros. So now have two sources of a new fleece, these being heritage sheep and cool to work with. Mesa's washed locks:

This last weekend after the monthly Portland Spinnerati meeting I had lunch with Duffy at Jake's (yummy crab and shrimp melt sandwiches!) and then the Tips & Tricks class at Knit-Purl.

Judy Wilcox was the teacher and the class was intended for advanced beginners. The two other people in the class really were beginners. I learned a few new things though! I learned how to do a purl long tail cast on that will be handy in the future for ribbing. How to do a no-step decrease - commonly found in sweaters and armholes and how to do a garter stitch seam. I have pictures of the last two:

This Saturday I'm going to ride down on MAX with Tiggywinkleknits to TKGA. I am working on my second Shur'tugal sock but didn't think it would be good for the train ride since it kind of takes some concentration to do the pattern. I have wanted to start a sweater for myself and so decided to use that destash yarn I got from Susan and decided to do Mr. Greenjeans.
Doesn't look like much yet, but we'll see after the weekend!


  1. That looks like a good commuter knit! And the color is great.

    I've been having a problem with "mindful" vs. "mindless" knitting lately. I need a good mindless project that I can drag along anywhere, but all my stuff requires thinking, or tinking!

  2. I had the same problem. That's why it took a bit of searching to find this project. I do have to be 'mindful' of where I am in the increases and keeping track of the number of repeats. It will be worth it though!