Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Which one is the better yarn for this?

Brandon says the purple, but I wasn't really seeing the pattern in them last night. Better this afternoon. So since I wasn't really seeing it I tried out this red, so of course I was seeing the pattern in them this afternoon. Still not really sure, so put them side by side.

What do you think, which one is showing the pattern better?


ETA: Walgreen's Coupon for a free bag for Earth Day tomorrow.


  1. Not sure what pattern you're using, but based on the little bit you show in the picture, I would use the light purple yarn. A solid color is going to show off the cable crosses a lot better than the mottled one. :)

  2. From the photo (and I know things look differently in person or in other lighting) definitely the purple.

  3. I have to agree so far with everyone else. The one on the right looks better.

  4. Shur'tugal? Definitely the solid purple on the right. Pretty!

  5. Thanks everyone! Based off your votes, I did go with the purple and have another pattern repeat done. It is coming out better the more I progress on the sock.

    Michelle also guessed correctly the pattern being used. Then again, she did just finish a gorgeous pair herself. ;-)

  6. Looks like you already decided but my vote is for purple, too.