Thursday, April 16, 2009

New fiber and a finished project

I picked up Wednesday night my Yak-Merino from Susan. I have some white yak-merino that I'm debating blending with the new stuff. I have four ounces of each for a total of eight ounces. Something to think about and get some votes.

Tiggywinkleknits shared a 'Mystery Batt' that Barbara had brought up and given her at Oregon Flock and Fiber this last fall. I'm tempted to blend it with the Stitchjones red-orange wensleydale roving I got last week.

I had hoped to finish the Dundee Babydoll dress for Susan Wednesday night while at Haggen's but trying to do the lace pattern with Brandon talking to me and then trying to have conversations at Haggen's I was foiled in that effort. I spent some time frogging back those rows and then re-doing them. Much easier in a quiet environment! I then took some of the leftovers and crocheted around the neck and sleeves. With the sleeves it helps keep them from rolling:

On the Burnside Winter Twilight Mitts front I have been working on them and have a good portion of the mitt knitted and halfway through the thumb gusset increases. If I weren't working on Friday, they would get done then. Instead it will have to wait until Saturday for finishing.


  1. Tami, Your spinning is lovely. I responded to your question about my fleece in a ravelry note and wanted to make sure you saw it. My sheep are Navajo-Churro. Thank you for including a link to my blog from your blog.

  2. Thank you Linda, I did finally get back to you over there. I'd love to feel Mesa's locks! ;-)

    Thanks also Sharon! I'm looking forward to trying out Bollywood for Jenna's dress.