Thursday, April 30, 2009

Things done, things started, things coming up

I finished sock one of the Wisteria Shur'tugal and after a few days of other projects in the middle, started sock two today.

Wednesday evening at Haggen's I finished up the Opal Huacayas Baby Alpaca batts. It looks light and dark on the bobbin. It's about 4.8 ounces and a single. Since I didn't have much of it, I'm going to ply it on itself and see how much I come out with.

Monday during a lull at work I started a 'Bows' Little Feet sock sample for Stitchjones. The samples will be used at the shop, so 'work' knitting. I found out Wednesday what a confusing direction in the pattern meant, so may end up taking out the toe and making the foot longer (okay, I will but this is what it looks like now):
I already have its 'mate' "Arrows" on the needles or I'd make the correction first.

Wednesday at Westside spinning I picked up from Gail the Natural Cashmere/Silk that Susan from Abstract Fiber paid me for the Dundee Babydoll. It's two, two ounce bundles of delicious roving:

I'm trying to be good and instead of diving into some of the lovely new stuff, using older things. So I'm going to work on the cormo/silk next:

This afternoon I finished Eileen's Iroha Foliage hat. It combines Noro Cash Iroha and Frog Tree Alpaca. I knew that I wouldn't have enough of the Iroha and bought the Frog Tree because it matched colorwise. I think it came out okay, but did have to transition in the middle of the last pattern repeat. I may go back and rip out that pattern repeat and just have it be the ribbing in the alpaca:

For those who may have been wondering about the 'missing' new fish. It stayed missing for a whole day. The next day it was there in the pond. Where it went I have no idea. This morning when I went out to look it was again gone. I even got some floating fish food to try to lure them all out. After watching for fifteen minutes and all the other fish eating most of the food, it finally came out from under an overhang area. Tonight when I went out for the regular feeding, they were all present.

Working in the shop Friday, Saturday plant sale around 10am(veggies, japanese maple, blueberry, creeping thyme, who knows - great buys!) then lunch at the McMennamin's Grand Lodge and the Faire in the Grove. William is planning on bringing school friends. Trtlgrl mentioned that she and her awesome husband were going, as well as A Little Weirdo and her partner. I'm bringing a camera so I can try to record who shows up. ;-)


  1. The Shur'tugal looks great, as does the Little Bows sock. I like the color mix-up on the Little Bows! Cute.

  2. I love how the hat came out!