Friday, April 3, 2009

Fiber Delight

I'm down to the last half an ounce of camel to be spun up. I could probably finish it tonight and then post it tomorrow, but I didn't want to wait, it's been long enough without a post. Tomorrow its my goal to get that finished up!

In my mail have come the following items, Corriedale-Finn-Rambouillet roving from Spinner's Hill via Dizzy sheep (I also have a couple of the Jewel silk caps coming to me - thanks Maxfun!) A 4 ounce braid. Then they only had 1 oz left of the grey of the same mix:

I got the drum carder from Duffy Wednesday night and so Thursday night I ran my washed OFFF alpaca through it and loved how it came out. Then ran the flea infested creamy-white stuff that I had picked the bodies out of. Still a few in there and it will just be a play yarn. Here's the batts that came out:
Top left is the tog and all that I have from the Icelandic fleece (just tooo scurffy for the carder - terribly sad because the thel is really soft); bottom left is the OFFF alpaca. The white is the flea-alpaca and the purple is the Jacob roving I got in the yarn crawl at Dublin Bay. It had been carded but was in the knotty bundle and really a mess. Looking forward to working with it now!

In the mail today - the 13 skeins of Berroco Love It! from Susan's destash sale. Two in a row, I really shouldn't look tomorrow!!! It's a pretty raspberry-ish color and looked really pink on her site and had me a bit concerned about getting it but figured worse case that I could have it over-dyed. Looking forward to making an adult sweater out of this!

Then at work I got to put my hands on some Malabrigo Sock and it's Violeta Africana and the pic doesn't really show the richness of the purple to its true color. Maybe a new pic with good daylight tomorrow may happen. I was able to justify it coming home with me because it was a small delivery of the sock yarn and there were only three purples and it just really should come home with me (the employee discount really helped with the justification too):

I have some Abstract Fiber Supersock in Dundee that I'm trying out a baby cardigan out of: Hope to finish this weekend along with the Simplicity sock and would like to get the Burnside Winter Twilight mitt done too. All are fun projects but ready to move on!

One more day to leave a comment and win the yarn!


  1. I love enabling others !LOL

    I got a 16-ounce braid of the same color of Spinner's Hill roving you did. Great minds! :) It's such a big, pretty braid that it almost seems a shame to unwind it -- but I will!

    Too bad about the Icelandic fleece. Looks like it's a very pretty color.

    As for Susan's destash, I shouldn't look tomorrow, either, but I will. :)

  2. I was trying to be good so not going big on the amounts. There was only 1 ounce left on the grey or I would have gotten a solid 4 ounces.

    Bad enough you tempted me into the silk caps! ;^)

  3. I told you the Spinner's Hill fiber was special!

  4. Oh I love the yarn you received from the destash! What a great color >_< I can't wait to see it as a sweater! :)
    <3 Em

  5. Thank you! I'm looking forward to starting it, just need to finish up a couple projects first!