Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Nessa!

My little girl turned 7 today. We celebrated with a 'spa day'. Shower and full body massage followed by a dry off by dad. Then a hair cut and mani-pedi. She got extra baby carrot treats, canned food and strawberries for dinner. Her special toy is a fluffy pink sheep toy that she promptly had to play tuggy with Norbert over. There's been snuggle time too, so a great day for a puppy!

Brandon also helped her with extra fish viewing time with an unobstructed view of the fish. (Sidenote: the other little fish we bought Friday showed up. We have a really good hiding place in there for the fish because one of the other fish was missing earlier in the week and reappeared.)

Brandon's happy, I let him get a new weed whacker. I'm happy because it's electric not gas operated. We'll also have to replace the lawn mower because it died today, I've got him talked into replacing it with an electric one too - score!

Finished sock number one of the Wisteria Shur'tugal. I have a photo but its all flash, so tomorrow night after work can try for a better one. Need to put a bit of time into the Foliage hat so couple hours there before bed.

This week: Monday I'm at the shop, Tuesday filling in as the health aide at Liberty High School, Wednesday is spinning at the Grange and class at the shop as well as knit night at Haggen's. Thursday I'll be able to get new tires for the car with the tax money and work again on Friday. Hopefully knitting in there too! Saturday we plan to go to the Tualatin Valley Gardner's Plant Sale (great place to pick up your veggie starts!) for veggies and a Japanese Maple for the pond. After that we'll head over to Faire in the Grove at the McMennamin's in Forest Grove. I plan to get another basket from the 'Basket Peddler'.


  1. Sounds like a busy week! and thanks for the reminder about Faire in the Grove; I forgot that was happening this weekend.

  2. Schnauzer luv! Such cute photos.