Friday, April 10, 2009

And its not over!

This working thing is keeping me hopping. I had a very busy few hours where it would have been nice to have two people working! I have also been good and haven't bought anything this week - bonus! We have a staff meeting bright and early at 8:30 am (there was no mention of actually being functional - just there). Then on to the Portland Central Library for Portland Spinnerati for a few hours. spinning - yea! This means I will most likely miss the temptations that Susan will be posting tomorrow, most likely a good thing for my pocketbook! ;^)

I am happy to report that I have finally finished spinning my camel. I love it. Its soft, its squishy feeling and by the looks of the bobbin, I have a LOT of it. How much? I don't know, its still 'resting' on the bobbin. I'll probably try taking it off tomorrow and will find out then. Here is what it looks like currently:

The other project I finished is a sample for Susan at Abstract Fibers to use as an idea of what her sock yarn looks knitted up. I did a little cardigan in a 12 month size called Boheme, so here is 'Dundee Boheme':

I'm trading it with Susan for some of her yummy 50/50 Yak/Merino roving (my little sample of it):

I'm going to try to get a preemie hat made up of the last of the Dundee. Then it will be back to work on the Burnside Winter Twilight Mitts. I want to finish them before starting other projects. I'm 'trying' to be good and not have a lot of partial projects on the needles.

I need to remember to make the deviled eggs and I think Brandon is making his beans to take down to my cousins for the Bridges Family Easter Potluck on Sunday. Can I have a few more hours this weekend please?


  1. i actually am local. the wedding however is in eugene, with which i am not very familiar. we have a caterer and a bakery. just haven't given them a final "this is what we want."

    the job market sucks. i'm asking $10 an hour when told to make wage requests and not saying anything unless they ask. honestly, i'd be happy with even that if it was full time.

  2. I love the yarn colors of that sock yarn! So pretty :)
    <3 Em

  3. You can get some from Susan at Abstract Fibers - it's the Dundee colorway.