Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's going around.....

Sharon is spreading the blogger love and has awarded me the Kreativ Blogger Award:

Here are the rules for the nominees:
1. Copy the award to your site. (done)
2. Link to the person from whom you received the award. (done)
3. Nominate 8 other bloggers. (see below - done)
4. Link to those on your blog. (see below - done)
5. Leave a message on the blogs you nominated. (off to go do that!)

Not in any particular order:
1. Michele - she knits and designs and is inspiring!
2. Carissa - she also knits, designs but has gotten bitten by the dyeing bug and has her own etsy shop where you can buy her yarns and rovings. Currently using a drop spindle but 'kreatively' came up with a way to buy a spinning wheel by selling alpaca fleeces.
3. Elizabeth - also spins and knits and inspires me with sweater knitting in the south. ;^)
4. Julia - wanted a spinning wheel, so talked her father into making an awesome wheel and shared the process with us. She also has so really cool designs that I'm looking forward to trying out. I'm also grateful she keeps translating her blog from German so I can continue drooling over her stuff.
5. Desi - knits, but she also does needlework and quilting. She's tempting me to pull out my fabric stash and whip up a few inspired quilts but I'll just continue to be awed by the cross stitch because I 'don't have the patience' to do that anymore.
6. Lili - I know she knits, she's said so. She's also 'kreativ' because she writes books and shares the writing process with those who may be struggling to get started. While the DH would love it if I got started with a book, I'm just inspired to read what Lili shares about the process. I also think she's the author most likely to have one of her characters in a kick-ass move kill a vampire with a wooden knitting needle and then be upset because the stabbing also broke the needle.
7. Diane - she spins, she knits, she designs, she teaches, and she shares them all with us. She also encourages others to explore their own abilities.
8. Ree - last but not least. She cooks - and then shares the recipes and the step by step instructions for them. She's made grown men groan from the results of those recipes. Not only does she take amazing food photos but shares her photography techniques so that we can also learn how to take better pictures. She's a whole lot more, but you should go check out her site.

It was tough choosing only 8 fellow bloggers to nominate!


  1. Oh, you! Thanks! :o) And now I have more blogs to check out!!!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for nominating me! Before doing anything else on this I need to check out the other 7 blogs :)