Sunday, March 22, 2009

I don't believe I did that!

Have I mentioned I'm not really big on pink? Sure I have a pink tye dye t-shirt that I'll wear on spring/summery days every so often, but for the most part girly pink is not in my wardrobe. Raspberry, yes. Pink, no. So the Circling the Band socks were bugging me. I can't remember how I stumbled across it but I ran across Knitty's article on dyeing with Kool-Aid.

It's all Knitty's fault. Showing me the colors that could happen if I played with what I had in my drawer. It got me to thinking and before I knew it I was pouring two packets of Tropical Punch and two packets of Black Cherry together and looking at the deep red they made and then the socks were in the bowl and I was set.

It took all the grey/white/pink and turned them a dark red and reddened the black. I think I can live with that. Sharon forgive me! I promise the pair for my sister will stay the original I'm With the Band colors.

So I kind of felt like I killed Sharon's dyeing masterpiece so here's Murder in the Band:

Circling the Band will live on in the project page and in my Flickr folder.

Back to spinning the camel and most likely starting gloves, though I should start a pair of socks with that book......


  1. hee worries, what matters is that you're pleased with the result! I think it came out great.

    DD watches this Adult Swim cartoon called "Metalocalypse". It's about a German death metal band called Dethklok--I believe there's an umlaut over the "o". I should create a colorway similar to your results! lol

  2. Thank you! Definitely leaving the dyeing stuff to you though - you do a great job with things!

  3. I rather like the murder socks. Just don't go making a habit of...murder!

  4. Watch out. Kool Aid is the gateway drug. Soon you'll be moving on to vinegar and concentrated wiltons. Then next thing you know you'll be into the hard stuff...acid dyes.

    Then the next thing you know you'll have a shop on etsy and you, me, Sharon and Susan are going to need to start a support group for each other. ;-)

  5. Hehehe....I'm going to resist foraying too deeply into the dyer arts. I think its great the stuff that you guys do, but I'd rather support your efforts than try my hand in that arena. I still need to try some ideas I have percolating in my brain, its all a matter of finding the time to do them!