Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cranes & yarn

I finally finished sewing up the cranes for the KnitNotWar 1000 crane project. Found that they folded better when still damp and stayed in place with a couple of straight pins. I then used some sewing thread to keep the folds where they were supposed to be. Just fussy and a few minutes of work but I procrastinated doing them. I had the incentive to get them finished up because of the Portland Spinnerati meeting downtown, just blocks from Knit-Purl and a spring sale there. Here they are:

Sandy said this brought their count up to 38 cranes - they were hoping for 300 by the end of the month. They only take about an hour to knit, have any scrap feltable yarn in your stash?

I picked up a second cone of some Habu Soft Merino Lace - 10% off. I had one already and planned to carry it with some of the Habu Bamboo Lace and make a shawl, possibly that Adamas Shawl.

In other stash acquisition I helped out KnitFemme with her destash by having some come live in my stash. I got some sport weight brown that I think will make a nice pair of socks for my BIL. There's also five skeins of cotton and enough I believe to make my mother a Hey Teach.

More spinning of the camel was accomplished this morning at Spinnerati, but it looks much like the previously posted stuff so nothing new there until it too is a complete single. I took pictures of Tammy's and Bobbie's wheels while we were there so that I can add them to the other Westside Spinners wheel pics to make a logo for the group. You don't need to see those though. ;^)

The rest of the weekend will involve more sock knitting, watching movies and a dinner over at the MIL's Sunday. Hope yours is just as lovely!


  1. The habu lace is soooo gorgeous. The color! Wow!

  2. Thanks! I just hope it goes well with the Habu Bamboo, its a Granny Smith Green Apple color if you've seen those. Then again, you can also see it in my stash. ;^)