Wednesday, December 17, 2008

we have hats & more snow.....

Sunday we had the snow drop a few inches on us. Then we spent the last couple of days with below freezing temps, thus ice on the roads. I haven't been out of the house really since Saturday. This morning it started snowing after 8am and other than maybe 15 minute periods it's been snowing steadily all day long in one form or another. (teeny, tiny snow flakes up to the big fat fluffy ones as a comparison)

Today, my couch potato (AKA Norbert) has been hearing things outside and so feeling the need to investigate these noises. While he can act like the biggest woos, be afraid of meeting new people, he finds moments of braveness (proven rat kill to his name).

Nessa joins him as backup whenever he leads the Charge! She, though she has that pesky cocker once past the lips forever on the hips, is the more active of the two overall. She's being a little more sensible about the need to really go out:

Over the last couple of days I've finished up a couple more holiday gifts - hats for an uncle and a brother-in-law. Same pattern done up differently than the one that I did for cousin-in-law Kyle - Turn-A-Square, a Jared Flood pattern:

What I still have left to make:
4 bead necklaces (I've done a ton of them already and if I'm lucky these will be the last ones I'll ever make!)
2 Swell hats
1 pair house socks (worsted weight, big needles, should go fast!)
1 pair of gloves

Wish list - mini socks, mini hats, mini sweaters ornaments (these are the last things I'll be trying to work on.)

We're supposed to get more either freezing rain or more snow this afternoon with lots more snow overnight. Looks like the winter vacation came a week early to the school kids in the area. ;^)

Back to the knitting!

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