Monday, December 22, 2008

He's not crazy

So since we've been getting the snow Norbert has been watching the sliding glass door and the dog door. At night I've been putting the cover in so that no blowing wind could come through. Saturday night Norbert was particularly barky at the door, and he didn't want to go out to potty. I finally had to lock him in the bedroom to keep him from keeping watch at the door.

Last night, at about 12:30, I got up to get some crackers to settle the acid reflux and stopped to look out the back door to see what it was doing. A shriek did escape and I was all girly, sitting on the foot of snow where the birdseed had been was a rat! Body length about six inches and with the light coming on it darted towards the house. Right where Norbert has been insisting that 'something is there'.

Freaked me out! I woke Brandon up to tell him about it. He assured me that there was rat poison under the house but nothing he could put out along the house because of the dogs. So glad that I've been keeping the cover on the dog flap, or I'm sure this brave rat would have tried to be inside the house. Ick!

I should trust Norbert's nose. It works really well. I just thought that he was 'hearing' things. Since I don't trust that his hearing is 100% from all of his ear infections, that's what I wasn't trusting.

Oh, we got another few inches last night and are supposed to get another two today. We're still in Oregon right? We didn't get mystically transplanted to some area that is supposed to get snow? Other than a few years as a small child I've lived in the Willamette Valley my whole life, I don't remember getting this much snow.

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  1. Oh, yuck, now I'm having second thoughts about scattering bird seed! But I think I will keep doing it. I've only seen bird footprints. I think.

    They say that this is the worst snowstorm in 40 years, the last one this bad was in 1968. I remember that one; I was in second grade!