Sunday, December 14, 2008

Second Pair in Progress & Snow!

I stayed up late last night reading/finishing a book, so was up late this morning. By the time I was up there was a nice coat of snow on the ground. It's pretty much been snowing most of the day. I think we probably have about four to six inches on the ground in places. We're all staying inside keeping warm. I've been watching movies and working on the Piggy Mittens Pair #2:

Earlier in the day I took a few photos of the yard, there's more snow now but you can get an idea of how the wind has been blowing:

Nessa and Norbert ventured out this morning while there was less snow. Norbert is a bit of a priss in regards to his toes and getting them wet/cold. We'll have to shove him out in a bit. Nessa went out and snuffled around in the snow and then shivered over the snow balls that accumulated in the feathers on her feet:

We were supposed to go over to Judy's and help decorate her tree. She likes having the grandkids help. With the snow we opted to stay home. I'll let Brandon borrow the Subaru to go to work tomorrow. I'm supposed to give a talk at one of the high schools and pick up niece Kaisha from school and watch her for an hour on Tuesday. It's supposed to get colder and more snow on Wednesday. It's going to be an interesting week!

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