Thursday, December 4, 2008


I received the tape measure today in the mail from Michele. I wasn't the first to use it though. Kat in the Insomnia group was curious how wide her project was so it was cool to whip out the peppermint tape and have it oohhh'd and aaahhh'd over, then used.

Before that though, Sharon aka Stitchjones, delivered a skein of her yummy sock yarn in the winning colorway. I had participated on one of her contests and was declared the winner a while back ago. Sharon hadn't any of the skeins available until recently when she dyed some new stuff up. I'm looking forward to after holiday knitting and future socks with this yarn (named I'm With The Band):

I did a new WIP photo of the Baby Love #2 blanket (pattern name is Logan's Half Blanket - but I also have a nephew by that name so confusing), you can see in the sidebar. I have I think half a skein left to go. Yea! I'm finishing this tonight before I go to bed, no matter what the time. ;^)

So in a moment of insanity last night while Bobbie was checking in her charity yarn and she flashed that she had four skeins of purple yarn that I said I'd take them and make another baby blanket. Crazy right? Thankfully this stuff is aran weight and I'm so totally using the US10s on this next blanket. I'm also going to 'cheat' and do the Diagonal Baby Blanket. Big Yarn, Big Needles - Fast Project. I also took two half balls of yarn that will be used for preemie hats for a different charity project. Here's the yarns:

Smaller group for the Insomnia group and they rearranged the furniture. I also had the problem of the sun shining in at just the right angle to hit one window and then bounce directly to me. Such an odd problem to be having this time of the year. ;^)

Need to make dinner and then back to the knitting - blanket must be done tonight!

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  1. Glad to see that the peppermint tape measure got there so quickly! I love the StitchJones yarn; that's a cool colorway. Have fun!