Friday, December 12, 2008

Baby Love Blankets & Mittens or Gloves

I finished up the third and last Baby Love Blanket - yea! It came out well. It might just squeak in under the small blanket category but I used what I had on hand.

Here's Teddy sitting with all three of them casually arranged. I tried doing it during a brief clear-sunny sky moment but my batteries needed a recharge.

With the Baby Love blankets done I went back to working on the Piggy Mittens. I started out working them for a large child's hand and thought that looked too big. Ended up following the small child's pattern. Some of the directions assume that you have an actual child hand to measure/try on the mitten in progress, so a lot of guess work went into the creation. Again, I lost lighting so fluorescent and flash off, sorry about that:

Just have three more to make!

I was going to do a "driver's glove" for my mother but have heard its fiddly pattern instructions. I was resisting working on them. This means that I really didn't want to make them. So put aside that idea and found a different pattern and I'm sure things will go better. I had thought to do a version for William but he noticed the task list and started questioning design/color and so I'm not going to make them until he's ready for something like that. Honestly, makes my knitting list easier so I'm not going to complain!

Still have hopes to make some mini-ornaments before Christmas. Have the patterns already to go and sock yarns ready to be used. Just need to find the time of course. I also keep having thoughts of making sock blockers and SIP tubes. Those will most definitely end up having to wait until after the holiday unless a miracle happens.

Found out that we've been put in charge of organizing the 'kids' in what we'll be eating Christmas Eve. I decided that I'd do a crock pot of chicken curry, have one family group do the salad and toppings and the other group the munchies stuff, well we'll all share a bit in that but you know what I mean.

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