Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday afternoon fun

Elvish name translation site - click the appropriate link to find your name.

Tamara (not my full name by the way) - Tami, Tammi and Tammy all fall under this category
Meaning - Palm Tree ( um okay? I guess if that also included a white sandy beach and turquoise waters that would be cool.)
Elvish name - Meldainiel
Pronunciation - Mehl-dye-nee-ell

Here it is a beautiful sunny fall day with lots of wind. I have hopes it will help the tree out front finish dropping its leaves. Then again, we don't have leaf pick up until I think December 12.

What's your Elvish name?

Enjoy your day!


  1. Michele
    "Who is like God?"

    And the answer is: not me! It's just a rhetorical question...

  2. Apparently my name means "virginal"
    and my Elvish name is