Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Norbert is a hurricane!

Brandon showed me this late last night and I would have posted then, but I was in the midst of a raglan sweater crisis. A Pacific storm turned into a hurricane Monday night and earned itself the name of Hurricane Norbert.

Now if we were living on the east coast I may have been more hurricane name conscious and wouldn't have been surprised at it being on the list. I didn't think that Norbert was that common of a name. We did get it from the first Harry Potter book since the movie came out at the same time as we adopted him as a little runt (literally what he was in the litter) puppy into our home.

Hopefully no tourists will be hurt on the baja and how cool is it that there's a hurricane on our coast? While living in Bandon years ago we often with coastal storms would get 75+ mph winds. They had pictures of the police cars with the paint sandblasted down to metal and then there were the 6 to 8 foot diameter trees that would be parked in the lighthouse parking lot at Bullard's Beach.

My sweater woes are over, for me poorly written instructions. Of course I wouldn't have had this problem if I read them a little more thoroughly before starting.....but I was casting on at 9pm and thought that I might have a sweater by 11pm according to the instructions. They just have the assumption that you've actually made a sweater before, and one of this type. So I've frogged what I had last night and am starting over because I did see a glaring error once I photographed it and then re-looked at the directions. I had stopped going to the stitch before the marker and had been going to the marker - thus loosing that distinctive 'raglan' look.

But that wasn't my major problem its the assumption of knowing which stitches are thought to be the sleeve stitches. I'm getting some help in the Techniques forum so trying to get back to that point.

No blue heron this morning thus far. I've encouraged Nessa to check up on the fish a few times this morning and I'm listening for bird sounds. It is also the first morning that the heater kicked on. ETA: I posted, then walked over to look out the sliding glass door and while it wasn't at the pond, it was I think on the fence. I just say it winging away out of the corner of my eye.

More later I'm sure....

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