Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Someone trip me so I can slow down!

Monday night was the Mason-Dixon book signing. I have some photos and a video that I did of the event. Got to sit and talk with Camille and a brief chat with Susan and Gail (Abstract Fibers ladies) and Rachel from the Wednesday night Haggen's group. Remembered to send a couple of text messages to MicheleLB who was coming from a meeting to get her book signed.

Had Cindy's book signed by Kay and Ann and also got their cool stamps in the correct order under their signatures. Passed off the book to Susan to return to Cindy tonight. I'm taking a 'Yarn Sampling' class at Knit/Purl (click on the Classes link and then open up the pdf to get exact details), so won't be going to Haggen's.

Tuesday I had fun being the Health Aide at one of the local high schools, today I was working with Special Ed kids at a different local high school. So long and short of it is that I have photos, still on the camera, and no time to get them off. I had just enough time to eat, quickly type this and then on to the library and then class.

Hopefully Thursday morning I'll have time to get photos off the camera and then posted here.

I'm off!

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  1. I saw the stamps on the table but forgot to ask about them. What are they?

    Thanks for the text message updates! Glad I made it; the handknits were worth the trip. Love that Margaret, and the Liberty, too!