Sunday, October 5, 2008

Malabrigo Junkies and more spinning

I did start the Malabrigo Junkies Stockpile08 projects on October 1. I have two pairs of the men's 75 Yard Malabrigo Fingerless Mitts done and have started on the Men's Martian Scarf for Harold. I have leftovers from the mitts yarn, should have enough for the teddy bear sweater or find another project.

William and Brandon are modeling the pairs. William on top and Brandon on the bottom.
Here's the gloves:

I finished spindling Saturday the last of Embarrassment of Riches and then Sunday afternoon spent five hours plying with the Louet:

I still need to take it off the bobbin after its set then wash and possibly whack the yarn so official skein pictures still to come.

Speaking of official skein pics - here's Blueberry's:

Connected up with Tiggywinkleknits (Bobbie) Sunday morning and tried out her about to be sold Country Craftsman, I had a hard time getting into the treadling of that wheel. Glad it wasn't coming home with me. :-) Then I got to try out the Lendrum - that one could definitely come home with me. ;-) I did notice the difference with using oil on all the right parts too. Bobbie tried out the borrowed Louet and I did see that I can do fine singles on this wheel. I had planned to use the Louet for plying the drop spindle singles so it was great to see that it would actually work. Brandon got to see how the different wheels worked and chatted with Toolman. The buyers of the Craftsman arrived so we left so not to interfere with the selling. Brandon really liked the different mother-of-all's that the Lendrum has.

As mentioned I spent the rest of the afternoon plying before going back to work on Harold's Martian Scarf. I've gotten one full chart pattern done and after this will be back to work on the next repeat.

I may be tempted in spinning or casting on the cowl for Debbie, also a stockpile08 project.

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