Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mason-Dixon Powell's Book Signing

I arrived in plenty of time to get a good seat in the second row on the right. This did mean that I was viewing Kay and Ann in profile for most of their presentation, but directly in front of their samples.

I did a little movie vignette of Ann during the presentation of how they started writing and developing their books, its 218MB so not huge, please save and view on your computer though.

As mentioned, I brought Cindy's book to be signed since she was working at the yarn store, All About Yarn. I was also texting MicheleLB so she could know where the signing was going since she was coming from a meeting.

Tonight we're going to another author book signing - R.A. Salvatore at Powell's Cedar Hills Crossing. William and Brandon have read his books and William wants to get his books signed.

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