Monday, January 28, 2013

Multiple projects at the same time

Thorn was progressing fine, but its light fingering weight yarn and size US 3 needles. Normally not an issue, but just felt like I was slowly slogging along. Such that a few rows ahead and I look back and I see stitches that should have been knit and were purled, or reverse depending upon the actual row they happened on. So I'd have to drop down and fix those stitches. Not as mindless knitting as I thought I guess!

So after knit night last week and feeling Rachel's BMFA LSS (gorgeous color too in deep purples), I remembered that I had some LSS of my own. It's in Winter Solstice, so kind of appropriate for the grey days we're having.  Rachel had started Cracklin Rosie Cowl from the Rose City Yarn Crawl and offered me a copy of the pattern. It was one of the few from last year's crawl that I liked, so I said yes please!  She shared the others that she and Stacey had gotten.

I'd had the pattern for a couple days before being lured into putting down Thorn and casting on. Saturday morning found me winding up two different skeins for two different projects and casting on. The mentioned Cracklin Rosie with Winter Solstice and I cast on the Delphi Lace Scarf with some mohair that was a Christmas gift from my stepparents a few years ago.

I took Winter Cracklin Rosie with me to Cinetopia on Sunday and was able to get a few rows done before Les Miserables started. I think came home and put more time into it so that I was over halfway done. This morning when I got up I was determined to finish and was just done with the second Textured area when I realized I had done one extra repeat of that section in the first half. UGH! I ended up frogging back to that section taking out the extra and currently working back to where I was when I discovered my error. Don't think it will be done tonight, so hopefully tomorrow and then a chance at some pictures. It's raining, so getting pics may be fun.

I only did the first two rows of the Fuzzy Delphi Scarf. It is fuzzy! I'm not worried about stitch details since its just a two row pattern and its lacy.

The upside to doing both of these patterns, and hopefully a third? I get to enter them into a KAL contest for this year's yarn crawl. ;-)

There's a need for a baby project for a shower next Saturday. So my needles will be very busy this week!  Sorry, no pics of any of this yet, that rain thing.

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