Monday, February 4, 2013

2013 Cowls, Hexipuffs and Thorn

I admit that the Cracklin Rosie Cowl was for some quick satisfaction. Gave me a bit of work though. ;-) I wasn't marking down my repeats and so I did four of the Textured Stitches section instead of three, but of course didn't figure this out until I was almost done with the third on the second half of the cowl. So rather than just increasing it to also be four, I frogged back to that point and re-knit it all. I'm glad I did. It's a wide long cowl that acts like a boob holder but I like it.

Since there was leftover LSS and another cowl in the group that looked interesting, Bridgetown Loop. Stacey had knit it in the suggested sport weight yarn, but I thought it looked kind of thin. I shortened the number of repeats from 16 to 13 and on the picked up bridge edge had to compensate for that so that they sat correctly. I could tell that it was getting about as wide as I was going to want it, so also shortened the bridges down. I have a wee bit of leftover yarn, but not enough to have followed the pattern exactly. I finished this, then blocked it. Haven't tried it on yet, but I love the cabled edge.

Check out my Ravelry project on Bridgetown loop to see the sport weight version I sampled.

I worked on these getting five Haversacks ready to be donated as largess at Ursulmas. We didn't go, but as co-largess coordinator, I needed something for the Baroness to take. So I had fun with the learning curve on how to sew and assemble these haversacks. It totally made sense after completing the first one and stop making assumptions on how things were assembled. You finish with the lining correctly on the inside and just have to sew the inside edge under the flap of the bag.
 Inside of the haversack all filled with the largess items. They were nicely stuffed and should give us a good representation in the Kingdom.
Some people are more familiar with messenger bags or pilgrim bags instead of haversacks. Same bag, different names. Can make it interesting and challenging when talking to people about what you need to have done.

One of the last states of the Fuzzy Delphi Scarf for the Rose City Yarn Crawl Knit Along:
Mohair isn't easy to knit with! So not going as fast as I would like. :-( May have to knit up another cowl!

Sunday I went to Twisted to join in on a Hexi-puff along.  I brought my finished puffs and donated two, one for me and one for Dawn-Marie. The donations got us each an extra two mini-skeins. So I bought another two and with my four I was able to complete seven puffs and still have a tiny bit leftover of the red:
Technically four 'solids' out of each of the mini-skeins. The black-purple in the top right is one of the solids, though it self-striped. Combined the light lavender with the purple to get the striped on the bottom left. Still had some of the light purple leftover and combined with the black-purple. Still had black-purple leftover so did four rows in the red, trying to center them. I like the purples and how the striping came out. Not sure exactly what all the yarns are from, but fun to dip into their big jar and add some colors into the quilt. I have 28 finished now. I can either donate one of these or another from my stash when I go back. I'm going to try to go back again this next Sunday if the $5 is in the budget. There's a yarn crawl coming up after all!

My Thorn looks like this:
I have a boy baby set to complete and then was invited to another baby shower, so will have to come up with a girly baby set. The request was for very girly things. So expect to see some baby sets soon! Also want to knit a hat for Brandon's co-worker. Have until the 18th to finish any Rose City Yarn Crawl Knit Alongs.


  1. You're doing much better with the Rose City Yarn Crawl KALs than I am - still working on my first project! I'll have to knit the Cracklin Rosie Cowl - cute and seems like it knits up pretty quickly!

    1. The Fuzzy Delphi is just dragging along! Its the mohair slowing things down. just eight more knitting days. Still hope to get a few more things in. Would be lovely to get a gift certificate!

      Good luck with yours!