Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thorn fail?

I didn't have enough fingering yarn and I'm on a yarn diet so thought I would combine two lace weight yarns to make a fingering weight that the Thorn pattern calls for. Apple green bamboo and dark green merino, both from Habu. Nice yarns, but I don't think they're working well together to show off the pattern:
I can see the huge hole from doing the M1 incorrectly the first couple times. The yarn is so  fine that tinking back isn't fun.

This is the completed A2 section. Can you tell that there's a twisted purl stitch that is making a raised ribbing?It's totally lost in the marling of the two colors. 
I haven't frogged it yet. Thought I'd get a vote from you all. What do you think? Do the colors work well? Does it look fine, I just need to go back and fix the mistakes? Does it need different yarn? What?

We have 12th Night this weekend and I had hoped to bring it along as a project to work on during court. We have wifi in the room, so I'm going to bring my laptop. I'll bring along Thorn and if everyone thinks the colors work. I can always frog and start over Saturday. Let me know please, I really need an outside opinion. Brandon won't like it because of the two colors and the asymmetrical pattern, so he'll be no help at all. ;-)


  1. I think it needs different yarn. These colors are too busy together; I can't see what's going on with the stitches. Sorry!

    1. Thanks Michele! Don't be sorry, I was asking for the feedback. :-) I pulled out from my stash a handspun yarn. It may be a little light, so I also grabbed my US3 needles to bring with me. The handspun is a Stitchjones one time colorway I think - Portland Punch (You can see it in my stash on Ravelry). I have two skeins so should have more than enough to make Thorn.