Sunday, January 20, 2013

An Tir 12th Night - The Ball

Last weekend was the Kingdom of An Tir's 12th Night celebration. It's where the current reigning King and Queen step down and the new ones step up. The first night of the weekend long event though is all about the Ball. It's a masked ball, and there were masks seen and worn.

One of the lounge areas near the Gate. The Barony of Three Mountains were the host for the event. Many loclal people spent time helping prepare decorations for the event. You can see a few here.

Brigitta and Eadaoin talking with Merrie (Also a shot of my attempt at the Mary of Hapsburg dress. I didn't have time to do the blackwork on the chemise.)

Rune and Assim. He's a squire.

Lady Millicent in her new ballgown

Queen Astrid in her mask and ballgown - lots of feathers on her cape.

Susan and Lady Brigitta (I added a bit of mink fur at the back collar line because with all the fitting, it wasn't until the end that we found that the back needed to be taken in or my shoulders kept falling. I'll fix it for Carnivale.)

Queen Astrid mundanely served in the Air Force, she always recognized service men during court. This particular gentleman was only going to be there at the ball. He'd recently returned from serving in Iraqi where he had been shot.
Lady Lissette in red on the left is also on Queen Astrid's retinue. Lady Iuliana did a lot of hand sewing of pearl beads to make up the bands on her dress. She also made the rest of the dress for Lissette.

Lady Amelia, Lady Osanna, Lady Iuliana, Lady Brigitta, Eadaoin and Rose (in mask).

I was making Ana very happy by massaging her shoulders. Later I gave her a  more thorough massage. She's  seven and a half months pregnant and has been serving on Queen Astrid's retinue.

Lady Millicent, Lord Ignatius and Eadaoin dancing

Pouffy pants! Senor Jose and Herr Ignatius talking. Senor Jose is Lady Iuliana's husband. 

Herr Ignatius made his poufy pants. The yellow satin before it was corraled by the waistband could have easily fit two or three grown men inside. Or one person per pant leg easily. lol He was finishing this up just before the event so ran out of time to also make the matching doublet. That is planned for Carnivale.

Lord Nicolai dancing with his daughter Emily

This is Emily's first grown up dress, it was also made for her by Lady Iuliana.

Queen Astrid
No pictorial proof, but I fulfilled my promise to my dear husband of doing one dance with him, the Korabushka. I didn't make it all the way through because I was having a hard time with the timing of the live band. While lovely to have live musicians playing, it would have been nice to have this particular song done from recorded music. I made it through to almost the end though!

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